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Okay, so I keep trying to download itunes onto my computer, which is Windows Vista, and this message box keeps popping up say there was an error and to refer to help and support. I go there and it does not help me at all.  When I try opening itunes it says that i need to uninstall and re-install itunes.  I keep doing that and it says the same thing each time.  I even tried downloading an older version of itunes and it still wont work.  I''ve even went on this site: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1717  and i've done everything it says and it still wont work.  I am running out of options someone please help me. 

Windows Vista
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    Lots of people are having this problem! I had it myself but this is what worked for me:


    1. Open the control panel

    2. Open Add/Remove programs (called "Programs and Features" in Windows 7)

    3. Navigate to "Apple Software Update" in the list and click on it

    4. Click on "Change" then select "Repair" (or just select the repair option in Windows 7)


    Once you repair this, try running iTunes and the update again.


    Fingers crossed!