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I'm seeing conflicting reports and interpritations of the iTunes Match 25k policy.


I have about 40,000 songs in my library, of which about 3,000 of them were purchased from iTunes. Of the remaining 37,000, I'd say about 30,000 of these songs are "matched." That's leaving me with 7,000 songs which need to be uploaded. (Before you judge and assume I downloaded all of these illegally, I can tell you that I worked in the music business for over a decade and have thousands of CDs that I've amassed currently residing in my attic!)


My understanding was that the 25,000 limit was only towards songs that could NOT be matched and had to be uploaded. Obviously it makes sense that Apple doesn't want people uploading hundreds of thousands of Grateful Dead live shows to their servers.


That being said, iTunes Match is telling me that I've exceeded my 25,000 limit of "songs not purchased from the iTunes store." It appears that it's counting these 30,000 "matched" songs against my 25,000 limit leaving me with about 12,000 songs that can't be accessed through iTunes match, despite the fact that they dont' need to be uploaded to the service!


Some are saying this is a bug that needs to be worked out, and some are saying that it only lets you match 25,000 "non purchased" songs, regardless if they need to be uploaded or not. Does anyone know for sure what the stance is here, and have proof to back it up?


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  • Shawn Grinter 2 Level 3 Level 3



    Nope - the 25k song limit is for *any* non store purchased tracks regardless of source or match. If you have 25,001 or more of said tracks it won't let you activate ITM at all.


    See more like this for further discussions regarding work arounds.




  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6

    Shawn is correct. The 25,000 track limit is for songs not purchased from the iTunes Store. For example, I have 13,737 tracks in my iTunes library. Of those tracks about 5000 are purchased from the iTunes Store. So the remainder will count towards the limit.

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    Add my vote for a solution for those of us with large music libraries. I'd happily pay more for this service.

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    Yeah, I just subscribed to match on one of my new computers with only 300+ songs, but when i got to my main computer which has well over the 25000 limit and got the error message while trying to get that started up, so i pretty much screwed myself there, but i would gladly purchase another 25000 limit if they would allow me to on the same account.

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    Having eagerly awaited for ITM I am about to embark on importing my CD library onto iTunes, however as I have in the region of 4000 original albums to work with I am also going to exceed the 25,000 song limit. I am happy to purchase additional storage or have a 'premium' ITM account if Apple makes these add-on services available. I'd also like to be able to share my library with other members of my household.

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    I'm also eagerly awayted for ITM and embarked on importing my entire itunes (previously I imported my entires CD collection into it) library, however the 25.000 song limit is not enough to cover. I am also happy to purchase additional storage or have a 'primium" ITM account if Apple makes it avaiable.

    As for Apps I would I'd also like to be able to share my library with other members of my household.

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    Here is the wording taken directly from the iTunes Store Policy, which can be found here: http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/terms.html


    It sure sounds to me like songs you get from sources other than iTunes do not count against the 25k limit as long as they are currently available on the iTunes Service (e.g. they are "matched").


    "iTunes Match works with libraries that contain up to 25,000 songs which are either not currently available on the iTunes Service, or (ii) not purchased from the iTunes Service with your Account. Songs with quality less than 96 kbps or that are not authorized for your computer are not eligible for iTunes Match."

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    I don't agree with you. The only songs that don't count towards 25k limit are songs purchased from iTunes store. All other song whether matched or uploaded count towards limit.



  • Jimzgoldfinch Level 5 Level 5

    How do you know that 30,000 have been matched when limit is 25,000?


    I have 31,500 songs in my iTunes library. 20% were purchased from iTunes store, 60% matched, the rest uploaded.


    So I have just under 25,000 tracks that we're not purchased from iTunes store. If I try to add more than 25k I get a warning that the limit has been exceeded.