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how to block incoming calls on iphone

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    True call blocking can ONLY be done at the carrier level. Contact your carrier to see if they offer this service. The best you can do is set a silent ringtone for specific callers you don't want to talk to and set a custom vibration pattern as none. The phone will still "ring" though you won't notice unless you're looking at it and the call will be routed to voice mail.

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    I have AT&T and subscribe to "Smart Limits" which enables numbers to be added to blocked lists.  i.e. you can't send or receive calls or texts from up to 30 numbers in the list.  $4.99 USD per month and well worth it!

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    I am afraid I am living outside USA, so AT&T is not my Carrier, since 4 years I bought a smart phone and it has this option, I hope Apple smart people to create an app. to solve this problem, it will be so useful and it will put iphone on the top.

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    Does your current carrier offer a similar option?

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    thanks to all friends replied to my quary

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    I will check my carrier options

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    I am new with Iphone, but I have been using smartphone since 2004. I always had a program called "call firewall" and it worked perfect. You don't need your carrier to block a call. It can be done on your phone, but you need a program to do it. I am looking for such an app too.

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    There is no such app for the iPhone.


    True call blocking can NOT be done on the phone. The best you can get any phone to do is not ring and send the call to voice mail. You can easily do that by entering the number you want to 'block' into your address book and assigning a silent ringtone and a custom vibration of none.

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    They really need an App .. native or not to block calls. I have tried with my provider and they offer a blocking service .. but only if the caller is advertising thier number. Therfore I can not block unknown or blocked numbers from calling me! These are the ones I really need to block... My wifes phone is one digit off mine .. last night at 3:30am we get called by a blocked number at the same time and of course .. no one on the other end... robocallers should be illegal.


    If your in Canada I would suggest filing a complaint to the CRTC on the abuse of unknown/blocked numbers and our inability to block or even report them. I can only file a report if I have a phone number displayed I sent in my complaint this morning to them after finding out Rogers had no way for me to prevent these phone calls.

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    I know it's sacrilege to even suggest iPhone inferiority but this lack of caller blacklist is pretty ordinary on Apple's part. The new Samsung Galaxy has a "Caller Blacklist" that is totally set-up and operated by the user. I would have thought this to be fairly straightforward technology and really demonstrates a lack of imagination. In a similar vein, the inability to modify the on-screen keyboard (which is really clunky) is disappointing in the extreme. The Galaxy also allows this.

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    Acting like a child will get you no where fast.


    If you feel that caller blocking is very important I suggest you ask Apple to impliment it:


    When enough people ask for a feature it will get added.

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    While it would be great to have blacklisting for the iPhone (and yes I submitted feedback for it) It is our phone providers who really should be providing us this functionality. I am currently in the process of getting rid of my land line for VOIP and that will allow all sorts of call treatments from blacklisting/to redirecting certain calls to VM/another number/ or even give them "this phone is no longer in service". Now if only a cell provider would allow us this functionality I would jump to them in a heartbeat. Nice simple web interface to control who can call you and when. Even a easy way to block anonymous/call blocked numbers.

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    It might not be any use to your situation but I find adding a default ringtone to those unwanted callers helps me decide whether or not to pick up the phone.
    If it's cold callers that trouble you I would defintely reccomend this option.

    If they know your not answering they will (although it may take some time) leave you alone.