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Please can anybody help me


I'm running a new 12 core Mac Pro. 2 x 2.66 gHz, 8GB ram.

Lion v 10.7.2


I want to Partition the drive that came with the mac into 3.

I have tried the following:


  1. Simply restarting holding the Option key, selecting Disk Utility, choosing my hard drive, going to Partition and setting up my choice of 200, 200, 600 as 3 partitions. Hitting apply. I get the error "Partition failed with error, Couldn't unmount disk"
  2. Restarting using lion Recovery Disk Assistant, doing the same as point 1, same error message.
  3. Both of the above methods, but manually unmounting the Macintosh HD before setting up the partitions and applying. Same error message.
  4. Restarting using the Recovery HD. same error message.