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Well I got my ipod touch christmas 2009 and i haven't really used it much besides listen to music for about 3 months and download stuff. Then i let my dad use it for about 3 months an he was a stone masin, so i dont know if the conditions he works in messed up the ipod because when i got it back the wi-fi thing was grayed out and i could not switch it on. then part of the screen was unresponsive but that was fixed (the unresponsive screen, not the wi-fi). So i just let it sit around for about another 3-4 months and i just tried to turn it on yesterday to listen to music and it would not turn on AT ALL. It is just a blank black screen like the battery was not charging and completely dead. I tried entering it into DFU mode, restoring it, Holding both home and power buttons down. But nothing works. Just a blank black screen still. it is NOT jailbroken. It will not conenct to the computer at all or show up in device manager. iTunes doesn't detect it. Is the charger port like broken or anything or is the ipod just broken. (i dont know why it should be since it was not used alot.) the battery should be worn out because it wasnt used alot at all.  Please helppp ):

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