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I'll start by saying I've had battery issues with my 4S since the day I bought it.  Still waiting for the magical software fix for what appears in every way to be a hardware matter...

So, I'll charge my iPhone to 100% and the charging icon will switch from the lightning bolt icon to the plug icon, indicating that it is fully charged.  But then it will randomly switch back to the lightning bolt, and a few minutes later back to the plug icon, and then back to the lightning bolt, and then back to the plug, and so on, without me ever unplugging it.  Why can't my phone decide when it's fully charged?  Is anyone else having this issue?


On a related note, I've unplugged my phone from a full 100% charge and had it IMMEDIATELY switch to 98%... I'm not talking after a couple minutes, I mean the very second I unplug it, it changes to "98%".  I feel like these issues are related.  My phone is not getting an accurate reading of its battery life.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1