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I have always been able to use my Oticon Streamer with the iPhone 3G (iOS 5.01) and never had a problem connected via Bluetooth.  Now, having upgraded to the iPhone 4S (also iOS5.01) I can ONLY use the Oticon Streamer when listening to music, also via Bluetooth.  When I make or receive calls, the iPhone screen shows the call is progressing, but I cannot hear the person on the call.  Also, I am unable to listen to voice messages via Bluetooth now.  The length of message slider does not move at all from left to right while the Bluetooth is turned on.  As soon as Bluetooth is turned off, I can listen to my voice messages.  Also, when Bluetooth to my car is turned on it acts the same way as it does with my Oticon Streamer.

Can anyone offer a suggestion to fix this problem?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    This is very strange - I have just found the reverse issue - my iPhone 4 works perfectly as a phone connection with the iPhone 4 and to hear messages, but I am unable to listen to music or radio stations.

    A clue might be in the fact that my sons Sony car radio had two Bluetooth pairings available to him - one for his phone and another for the music output.

    Maybe the iPhone randomly pairs as either - Oticon music or - Oticon phone.

    I have emailed Oticon at: contact-us@oticon.com - but as of today, one week there has been no responce.

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    My Oticon Streamer 1.4 works just great with iPhone 4S - both for the Phone and Music and Radoi output from the iPhone 4S - read on Apple s/w works ok as I believed it would. If correctly paired the Phone works automatically both in answer mode by pushing the Streamer Phone button and in call mode by just making a call from the iPhone 4S. To listen to Music output from the iPhone 4S - initiate the App you want to use, Music, Internet Radio or whatever FIRST - then select the Streamer as the outut device on the iPhone 4S - then press the Music button on the Streamer. Rock solid every time. If its not working for you then you have not set up your devices correctly.


    I have just received a reply from Oticon, great service 10 out of 10

    - and now I understand what I was doing wrong, their reply follows:

    Thank you for your message. You are able to use your Streamer with iPhone 4. As you noted, the music button on the Streamer accesses audio applications on the phone. It's recommended to start the application on the phone first, then press the Streamer's music button until you hear it. You can also use the Streamer's audio cable for a direct connection to the phone. If you continue to experience issues accessing the audio applications, we suggest contacting your local Hearing Care Provider for personalized troubleshooting assistance.


    Thank you for contacting Oticon.

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    Here's the latest dope.


    I visited the audiologist today and told him how the Streamer fails to connect with the hearing aids on phone calls.


    He called for help and got a fix that is working so far.


    iPhone 4 IOS 6.0.1, Oticon Streamer 1.4


    Press phone on/off button until the "Slide to to power off" appears.


    Press Phone button on Streamer for a few seconds until it stays on (green light)


    At this point the Streamer should redial the last number called on the  iPhone and the iPhone will display "Streamer 1.4" as the audio source.


    Good luck.