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I am having an issue with some of my emails disappearing on my iPhone 4S and I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues and might offer a solution? I have three email accounts on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (of which include my iCloud and Yahoo!) and all are set up as IMAP so that I can be sure both devices remain in sync at all times. The issue occurs when I go into any of my archive email folders, in any one of my three email accounts and let the iPhone sync with the server so that it is up-to-date. Sometimes - not everytime - I will watch as one of my most recent emails that is cached on the phone suddenly vanishes as it pulls down the rest of the emails archived in that folder. As soon as that email vanishes, it will then automatically remove it from the server (being that it is IMAP) and that email is then gone for good. It has not been moved to trash or any other folder because I can subsequently log into Yahoo! mail for instance and do a complete search for it and it won't find it at all. At first I thought it was my fat thumb (!!!) that had acidentally hit delete on the email but it is happening around twice a week and it has only happened since getting my iPhone 4S. I have contacted Apple support by phone and they suggested completely wiping the phone and restoring from backup, of which I have done. I have changed various settings such as showing 50 recent messages rather than 1000, turing on "organize messages by thread" and "ask before deleting" and trying that for a week but none of that has helped. I have a feeling this is an iOS5 issue rather than a hardware issue because my iPad 2 has started to do the same thing and it never did it before I upgraded to iOS5. Nor did my old iPhone 3GS that I had for two years. I am losing important emails and I'm getting to the stage of thinking about never opening the Mail app on either device for fear of losing any more important emails. I'm considering resorting to logging into Yahoo! and iCloud webmail via Safari instead which is a bit of a pain. Very sorry for the long message but thought i'd best be as thorough as possible. If any of you guys have had similar issues, or if you have any suggestions please feel free to chime in. Many thanks.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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