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    I had the same problem with album/artist artwork not showing up after uploading music through iTunes match and i followed the solution from this KB article from Apple to fix the issue:



    Look under the section "Some songs or albums are missing artwork".

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    Goddammit! Another one.

    Listen, you're very kind to share your knowledge and experience with us, but please READ WHAT OUR ISSUES ARE ABOUT before posting OT videos.


    We are NOT having problems with album art missing in ITUNES.

    iTunes library is fine, ALL abum art is ok.

    iPad is fine too, ALL album arts are showing up BUT in "Artist view". Some artists are missing the album art EVEN IF those artists have album art showing up for their albums if you "click" into their album list.


    The issues seems to be caused by the "Group by album artist" option in Settings->Music on the iPad. It seems that if your music library is sorted by the "artist" field in track info, the album art shows up correctly in Artist view, while it's screwed up if the music is sorted by "album artist" field.

    Disabling the "Group by album artist" option solves the problem, but people like me who have albums whose songs are listed by the same album artist but contain tracks with different artists, will have their album tracks split into different artists.

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    The only thing that seemed to work for me after trying all of the suggested fixes was to (using MAC so some of the descriptions below may not equal that of PC):


    1. Open iTunes and sort musing by artist
    2. Right click on the first Artist Song, and choose "Get Info".
    3. Click on the Artwork Tab, you should see the album cover in the preview window
    4. Click on the Album Artwork and CMD+X to cut, then, CMD+V to Paste. Click the next button, and do the same for a few of the Albums that appear - this is just to test if this fix will work for you.
    5. Click the "OK" button to close the window.
    6. Click on your iPad icon and then click on the Sync Button
    7. You should now see the album artwork restored on your ipad.
    8. If this works for you, then you will have to repeat the process for your entire library - painfull I know, but it seemed to be the only thing that worked for me

    Hope this helps.

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    Update: If the above solution seems to work for some Album Covers and not others when you sync your iPad 2 from iTunes, the following may help: This applies to the following: If the artwork is showing correct in iTunes, but is still missing on your iPad 2 after you followed the above steps. The issue we found was we needed a hard copy of our Album Artwork located somewhere on our computers (MacBook Pro 17"). These steps apply to Mac Users, so some of the descriptions may not equal that of PC Users.


    1. Find the album that is not showing artwork on your iPad 2
    2. Use Google to search for the album artwork. We tried using iTunes Get Album Artwork, but this did not seem to fix the issue.
    3. Best dimensions for Album Artwork is 600px X 600px
    4. Name and Save the Album Artwork to a Folder on your Computer.
    5. Right Click on the Album you need to correct and choose Get Info
    6. Under the Artwork Tab, Delete the existing Album Artwork and click the Add Button. Find the Album Artwork you saved from your Google Search and click the Open Button.
    7. Click Ok
    8. Click Directly onto the iPad icon in iTunes, and click the "Sync" button.
    9. You should now see the Album Artwork that could not be updated by simply cutting and pasting as described in the above/previous steps.


    NOTE: To be completely sure, make sure the Album Artwork file type you save is "jpg" and not "jpeg". This may not be an issue for some, but we found it also stopped the artwork from showing on the iPad 2.


    Hope this helps some of you. Good Luck.

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    Apple do you have any proper solutions for this?

    I have a lot of albums, so I cant be doing anything too manual.

    same like the above the album artwork is there in itunes, but not all art is shown in album view on the ipad 2.

    shouldnt this 'just work' ?




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    Agreed. The problem still exists for me in the "Artists" view even if there is only 1 song and 1 album; however, when you drill into the artist the artwork shows just fine. That seems pretty **** strange to me.

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    I recently started having the same problem, where the album covers can only be seen if I click on the album specifically. But my problem was more concentrated on the songs that I bought from itunes within this year. And it was making me bonkers! and I sort found a fix for it before I totally lose it. Here is what I did;


    - open itunes

    - attached my ipad2 to my laptop

    - deleted the album that was not showing the covers from my ipad2

    - and pretty much put it back in again after it was deleted

    - and voila it shows the cover albums both in the albums and artists section in my ipad2


    Hope it makes sense and helps someone

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    I stumbled upon a solution:


    If home sharing is turned on (which, in my case it was - both on my PC and my iPad - and most of my album artwork was missing when viewing the "Albums" tab on the iPad), you need to make sure you select the same library as you use on iTunes on your PC/Mac.


    On the "More" tab when in "Music" on the iPad, tap "Shared" (with the house icon) and make sure you select the library that is associated with iTunes on your PC/Mac.


    When I did that, all my album artwork appeared.


    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, that did the trick. All my artwork was gone on my iPad but changing "shared" back to my computer library name got it back within seconds. Great!

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    Sorry to say I was too quick; the artwork that showed up was shared from my computer, not stored in my iPad. All artwork (music, videos, audiobooks) is gone and replaced with a blank square and a note, that's all.


    However just to try, I erasing all videos, to see what happens, and it did work; When I synced the videos back to the iPad the artworks was there as it should be. I'll try the rest when I have the time.

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    that did the trick!

    well done

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    I have iPad 3rd generation powered by iOS 8.0.2 and I faced the same problem of not showing album artworks in the Music app in my iPad.I made a little trick and it really worked out with me perfectly.All I did was:-

    1.Connect you iPad to your PC or Mac

    2.Open iTunes app.

    3.Add any new album that already have got an artwork.

    4.Click on the little 'iPad' box in the top right corner so you can be able to sort out what you want to see in your iDevice.

    5.Choose 'Music' and select the album that you have just added to your library from the 'Albums' box


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