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As soon as I turned on iTunes Match on my iPad 2 (all latest software is on all devices) album art that was there from my sync just disappeared including both ripped CDs and music bought from iTunes. All the album artwork is indeed on my Mac in iTunes, attached to all songs, iMatch updated, etc. On the iPad, when I open the music app and tap Artists, the art is missing for about half of them now. Yet when I tap on an artist with the missing artwork, the albums by that artist are listed like they're supposed to be WITH ALBUM ARTWORK INCLUDED! But when I go back to that artist, the art is not there. This is only happening in the Artists tab. It's like they need a key photo for artwork assigned or something.


In the other tabs like Playlists and Albums, all the artwork is there. The issue is just with the Artists' tab. Anyone know what is happening?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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