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I'm trying to add photos from my camera roll to photo stream.

eg: My mom texts' me a picture of my neice and I want to add it to photo stream so it will be on my PC.


The obvious seems to be just copy and paste the picture but I do not believe photo steam will accept it.

No option to send it there from the camera roll (that I know of) and I've also created seperate photo albums and tried to move those manually to photo stream but no luck.

Theres got to be a way...I know apple wouldn't do us like that.


Also, photo stream works great down loading pictures to my PC but I'm unable to upload photos from my PC to the iphone.

I've created multiple "upload folders" from basic, to advanced to the reccomended/default but no luck.


Even reinstalled icloud all together but regardless the photos will not upload, they down load no problem.

Wondering if theres some out bound connection/port I need to allow on my PC or something I need to activate on iphone to receive uploaded folders/photos. (yes photo stream is active)


Thanks in advanced!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Hi Gator!


    A couple things:


    One problem you are probably running into is that from a device perspective, photos are only addable to photo stream when they are first taken.  Taking a photo with photo stream enabled automatically puts it in the photo stream, however you cannot choose to send an existing photo to the photo stream.


    This however, is not true of a computer.  On a Mac for instance, you could take a photo from iPhoto, and add it to the category in iPhoto labeled Photo Stream.  It would then go to all of your devices.


    You can use Photo stream to get photos to your phone in this way, however also remember that it is still possible to sync them over using iTunes, like this :





    Be sure to click on the name of your phone on the left hand side, at the top choose Photos, and configure these settings to sync to the iPhoto library of your choice.  This will add the albums, etc that you choose, to your device   Obviously, for a PC, you would not be using iPhoto, you would basically just choose Desktop as the synced location, and choose folders on your desktop that contain photos, but the same idea.

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    Thanks for a very clear, well written explanation!