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I was working with Safari and out of a sudden the keyboard stopped to work. Nothing helped except a complete restart.
Anyway to recover the keyboard without a restart?


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    Some people have said unplugging and re-plugging the USB Keyboard works (until the problem recurs) .

    Read somewhere that people were having troubles with the Keyboards on the iMac Core Duos (they stop working and needed to be re-plugged alot) they were debating if it was the keyboard and whether or not they should exchange it.

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    I'm also witnessing this and it appears (in my case) to be specifically related to screen saver/screen blanking. As GeMan has said, I also can't get it to reset by unplugging. I must restart the system.

    In testing, if I completely disable the screen saver and blanking, the system seems to remain stable.

    I'm going to try with a non-Apple keyboard (generic Logitech) to see if the rules of engagement change.


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    Also, I see that this question is marked as answered. However, I don't see a resolution. Is there something that I need to click to see the answer?

    BTW - I was wrong about the lack of a screen saver/screen blanking. I left for lunch and the keyboard was locked out when I returned.

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    Hi Tim,

    I marked this questions as solved because unplugging and pluggin have helped most of the time. Unfortunately not in all cases.


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    I marked this questions as solved because unplugging
    and pluggin have helped most of the time.
    Unfortunately not in all cases.

    This "solution" is the equal of riding the bus because your car is broken.

    Same end result, but getting there takes twice as long.

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    The people at 24Hour chat told me to try this.

    Seems to be working so far, but I'm going to keep a lookout for more trouble.
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    If you unplug and eplug the USB conection, it should work again. It seems to be a problem with the power the keyboard is getting from the USB. Tere are several supposed workarounds: 1)use a different keyboard; or: 2)use a powered hub to plug the keyboard into.
    This problem is being experienced by many users. Some claim to be getting their keyboards replaced. I have not contacted Appple yet to report the problem but I will when I get the chance.
    I just got my machine and am still putting it through its paces.
    I'm not too worried about the keyboard issue. I'm sure it'll get worked out, and small bugs like this on such a new machine are to be expected. That's why we're early adopters. :>)
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    Regardless of the quick fix it certainly is entirely frustrating. Feels very... PC.
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    I spoke with an Apple tech via the "chat" support feature (something new to me, which actually worked pretty well: it avoided me having to sit on a phone on hold for umpteen minutes).
    Anyway, my tech rep also referred me to this same article on resetting the SMU.
    However, somehow the problem has mysteriously vanished, even before I followed the instructions to reset the SMU.
    I have not experienced anymore keyboard or mouse problems for several days now. I have the keyboard and mouse each plugged into one of the USB ports on the imac. I also have my mac set to "never sleep", with the display set to sleep after 30 minutes (screensaver starts after 15 minutes) and the hard drive set to sleep when possible.
    So, I guess I'll leave well enough alone.
    In general, I am very happy with the imac. It is very responsive, and, in fact, seems tyo be getting even faster the longer I use it (I'm not sure why, but things seem to open quicker than when I first used them: I guess it's "learning"?). Occasionally Mail will hang up with a beachball, but I just quit it and reopen and it works fine.
    I am very impressed with iphoto 6. My previous version was 4, and this is way faster with many new features that I really like. I can scroll through my photo library (3000+) as fast as I want. I really like the feature that places the date over date (month and year) in a semi-transparent display over the photos as I scroll through them. Makes it easier to quickly locate a group of photos.
    Anyway, I give the new imac five stars!
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    I've had several similar experiences w/my new Apple 17" Duo. The following, all have happened to me:

    1. Cursor/Mouse freezes up after several minutes of inactivity or after the screen saver comes on.
    2. Imac won't shut down (get a blue screen w/pinwheel, and not the colored kind either).
    3. Eject button won't work on keyboard.
    4. Keyboard won't type after several minutes of inactivity.

    These what you all have been experiencing? What's the solution? I've had my Apple less than a month. Should I call and complain, try to get a new keyboard, etc?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Try this:
    Set computer to "never sleep"; set hard drive to "never sleep"; set monitor to sleep/activate screensaver anyway you want.
    This seems to have fixed the issue for me. No loss of responsiveness in keyboard or mouse for three or four days since I made these settings (I was setting computer to never sleep, but allowing the hard drive to sleep, and this still produced occasional nonresponse, requiring replugging the device).
    This really seems to have worked.
    Please give it a try and report back.
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    Apple Chat w/ Tech Support:

    OKay... this is an issue which we are still investigating, this issue with the keyboard seems to be occuring on the intel iMacs.. i do regret the inconvenience..
    We might have to wait until an upgrade or update for this issue comes up, till then the only workaround seems to be to unplug the keyboard and plug it back for active usage...
    Will I be informed when we have a solution?
    No, we are still waiting for an update, however it should be put up in the apple support website which is "apple.com/support" or "search.info.apple.com". but, i will document this issue and give you a case number. you could contact us back with this case number...
    if we have any updates on this issue, then we would be able to tell you...
    there is one more workaround for this issue, if you have another spare USB apple keyboard, the ones that used to come with the earlier Mac computers, then you could use that with the intel iMac
    So, it's a hardware issue?
    it seems to be at this point of time, something to do with the intel iMac and the keyboard..
    Can you replace this keyboard?
    You sure can replace the keyboard, but there are chances that the same issue would occur, so at this point of time, i would suggest you to wait for an upgrade, you could however order replacement keyboard from the website "depot.info.apple.com/imac"
    I meant "Can You" replace the faulty keyboard? If the issue is in the Keyboard that I purchased from you and expected it to work without having to unplug and plug it in in the middle of trying to use the Best Computer on The Planet.
    No, Actually replacement is not done via webchat, you would have to call our phone support number or order it from the online website above. also at this point of time we are not clear if the issue is only with the keyboard or the hardware of the computer because of which the keyboard becomes unresponsive. that is why we do not suggest replacing the keyboard.

    I don't know if I was dealing with the sharpest Tech Support pencil,
    But at least they are aware of the issue and seem to be working on it.
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    I was having the exact same problems with my Imac and fortunately after several calls to the support people I got a replacement. So they just gave me a number, I went to the nearest Apple store (SOHO, NYC) and they gave me a new computer (they even transferred all my documents via firewire). It has been two weeks now and I havent had any problems wiith this unit.
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    Latest firmware seems to have solved this issue for me.