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Hi everyone. 


I recently sold my 2009 MacBook Pro for a new iMac 21.5" i7.  I love it so very much, especially having a higher resolution (and larger screen) to work with.


I'm having a bit of an issue booting up my iMac.  I can only boot up successfully if all USB and Firewire devices that have a hard drive are turned off.  (My USB camera doesn't have a power on it, so I have to leave it unplugged when I boot up.)  Otherwise I get a white screen.


What I currently have plugged in...

Glyph 1TB Firewire Drive (Must be Unplugged)

250GB USB Drive (Must be Turned off)

Casio Exilim camera (Must be unplugged)


It's not a huge issue for me, but I'm just wondering if there's a solution to fix this?  No worries either way...I just need to remember to boot the computer up with these devices off/unplugged at first.


Still, what a beautiful machine!



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)