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  • janet1103 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem with my iPod classic 160GB.  I didn't notice the problem because I hardly use it.  I did notice that it only happened on several albums.


    I just converted songs on the album to AAC format.  This format is more compatible with iTunes.  For some reason  the codes on some CD's or downloads are not compatible.

  • mau610 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm bringing this up because I believe it's part of a bigger problem. I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with iOS. I am having this trouble for the first time ever today. I'm NOT signed up for imatch. I am working on a Macbook Pro running OS 10.6.8, iTunes 11.0.1. I'm not running Lion because it wasn't compatible with CS5 when it came out and I don't have time to change my OS everytime Apple s__ts. I haven't checked CS6's compatiblity with Lion yet. Until then, I will run the older OS. It was all working fine this morning, until I loaded some music into iTunes this afternoon. All THAT music is cutting off after less than 1 minute of play--very wrong. The music works fine in Quicktime; it's all there and pays smoothly. What I tried for workaraounds (and it didn't help): Denied iTunes access to the internet and restarted app, changed encodng settings (I  had it on AAC and tried different ones) and restarted, unchecked crossfade and restarted, then found this forum. As I said, the other music I have on my Macbook seems to be fine. It's just the 175 new tunes I loaded on there today that play messed up. I will delete them and try again. But I don't think it's the answer, since so many here say it wasn't for them.


    I think these cut-off troubles are definitely with iTunes. IAre they not watching their own version compatibility  anymore? Apple's attitude that the world has to keep up with them is going to send them to the land of Quark. Now there are all these  operating systems out there, because we have to havethem, and they are not working the way they should.


    Apple has to make a patch for this. If they want to ram iTunes down everyone's throat; they had better make sure it works on all the stuff they sell!

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 (95 points)

    Absolutely blood boiling i tell you!

  • tepley Level 1 (0 points)

    Not Match.  Probably iTunes and different formats and quality.  Read stream.  I use Match and Apple TV wit over 4,000 tracks and it plays for hours with no cutoffs.

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 (95 points)

    My cutoffs are apple store purchases. Not a quality issue IMHO!

  • rickscullyvermont Level 1 (0 points)

    I found this thread as I was having the same problem, but I am NOT using Music Match.  What I did do was recently install BMPer and AccuBeat (both made by  What I found was that all of the songs that these applications has touched they added more than just the BMP data.  They included comments with their URL and they seem to have changed the start and stop times.  So I went to Dougs Scripts, downloaded this script, installed it, ran it and the problem went away.



    Hope this helps others.

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 (95 points)

    Tempting but worisome.

  • rickscullyvermont Level 1 (0 points)

    One doesn't have to run it on their entire library, I just chose to do so.  And it worked.  One can select as many songs as they like and then run the script.

  • jr_NJ Level 1 (0 points)

    What do you do if you're running itunes on a Windows machine? There is a disclaimer on his web page stating apple script won't run on Windows OS. Any ideas? This is really becoming bothersome. Add this problem to the fact that I have two apple id's and can't merge all the purchases into one account (according to a 2 hour conversation I had with Apple Support) and I'm ready to jump ship on Apple the minute my contract with AT&T is up in July. Apple refuses to see that there is a problem with purchased songs, sometimes.

    By the way, I checked one of the songs I have a problem with and in iTunes the length is correct and matches exactly what the iPhone says except it stops playing any sound after about 1minute 28seconds and its a 3+minute song.

  • rickscullyvermont Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't know anything about Windows, so I can't help you there.  As for why the songs are stopping early, I might be able to, but I will need to make assumptions that iTunes for Windows is similar to iTunes for Mac.  If you rick-click on a song and there is the option to "Get Info" select that and and then click on the "Option" tab.  There you should hopefully find a Start Time and End Time option.  If either of those items are checked, uncheck them.  This is what the script I linked to above does for Mac users.  If there isn't one for Windows then you may have to do it manually.

    I am not a tech, I am not associated with Apple, I am simply reporting what worked for me with a similiar problem.  YMMV.

  • jr_NJ Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks. The options are the same and when I checked neither the start or end times are checked. I also compared the end time to what's on the iPhone and they're the same; it's just that the iPhone plays silence for almost 2 minutes until the track finishes and on iTunes its fine.

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 (95 points)

    Nothing checked, no luck.

  • NINnerd Level 1 (0 points)

    This is happening to me, too! It doesn't happen on my MBA, but it does on my iPhone (which I update through iTunes).


    This has been going on for more than a year. Very annoying.

  • Scott Hedrick Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, this has probably been mentioned before and does not solve the problem from this happening again but this is what they told me to do when I decided to just "report a problem" on the song through Itunes and it did repair the songs.  I am sure I will find more songs that this will happen to and have to do the same thing, and also ***** for anything you do not get directly from Itunes because you probably have to burn it again but this worked and repaired every song I tried to far.


    - delete song by holding Shift and Delete keys and also remove it from Cloud when prompted

    - I also deleted on all iphone etc... to get rid of it

    - download again under purchases from itunes on my main computer (probably could work on phone/ipad/etc... direct but I wanted to be sure where I saved them

    - updated Match

    - downloaded again from Cloud onto iphones


    all work now


    still annoying that it happens but I know in the meantime now what I can do to get my songs back, but I know I will find more and probably at times when I really want to hear them at not at home to go through this process, but first somewhat positive thing I have found to at least get them working again

  • GalenHig Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a fix for those of you having issues with songs cutting off on iOS devices!


    I signed up for iTunes Match in November of 2012, and right away had problems with many of my 500+ artists when I wanted to stream their albums on my iPhone 4s. For example, anything I had by the Pixies would play fine until there was exactly one minute left of the song, at which point the song would cut to the beginning of the next track, while still displaying that it was playing the song from before. Confusing and frustrating. I eventually discovered this would happen with several hundred of my songs, and afer searching for fixes I was upset to find so many experiencing this same issue, and the lack of effort from Apple to address or even DISCUSS this major issue.


    Before I go on, it's worth to note this: My method will NOT save your play counts or ratings. I too like to have this information, but after a while I decided it was worth losing that information if it meant I could listen to my songs again.


    To start: Find the songs that are having issues with mobile playback.


    Make sure you save them somewhere on your computer. If you need to download them from iCloud via the little cloud button, do that.


    Next: Find the music files on your computer (somewhere in your iTunes folder) and move them to another folder. I created a folder called "Fix" which included sub folders for all of the artists I needed to fix.


    Once the files have been moved over, go into your iTunes and delete these songs. When prompted choose "Delete from iCloud" or "Hide on iCloud" (the second option seems to appear on the new iTunes).


    Go to Store>Update iTunes Match.


    Allow the update to complete. You should notice that your total number of songs available will be smaller.


    Finally: Find the folder where you moved the music to. Drag it into iTunes and allow the songs to appear in your library. You should see a cloud made of dots appear next to these songs.


    Go to Store>Update iTunes Match, and allow it to completely update.


    On your device (iPhone, iPad) go to Settings>Music and slide iTunes Match off. Wait a few seconds, then slide it back on. Go to your music and wait for it all to completely load.


    Find the songs that originally gave you trouble, and they SHOULD play in their entirety.



    My appologies if many people have already posted this fix, but I didn't feel like combing through 22 pages worth of commentary.


    Hope this might help some people!

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