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  • Brian Sorby Level 1 Level 1

    I miss Steve. He would be lighting up the engineering department over this. Apple better not turn their back on us. The Apple faithful are not as forgiving as the casual technology user. Fix this.

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4

    Dead former CEOs have nothing to do with it.  This is a buggy mess, but there were plenty of buggy messes while he was still around.  It needs to be fixed, but who's running the company isn't the issue.

  • pimboden Level 1 Level 1

    Have tried all the fixes offered and my songs purchased from the itunes store are still chopped off.  Has anybody won trying something else?

  • Saints67 Level 1 Level 1

    I've never experienced this before until I bought a new PC.  I dragged and dropped all my music files from my external drive into iTunes (having read a few posts further up I possibly should have used the import facility...which I didn't know about).  Now I have random songs finishing about 30 seconds early.  I have to write the bad 'uns down and check if any other songs in the same album finish early and usually about 3 or 4 of them do.  I delete the whole album and re-istall it (using drag and drop).  This has solved the problem however out of 14000+ songs currently on my classic I'm finding 2 or 3 a day now which is worrying. 

  • bjones0024 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know if this will help anyone one else, but I found a fix for my issuse anyway, I read that sounds that have been buring to a CD will start to cut off at the end, middle of the track, I tried the change sound ending time, didn't work, so I tried deleting and re-adding the track to my libary, did it to two tracks that i know cut off and played them after re-adding them and they didn't cut off, hope this helps.

  • xxChosen1xx Level 1 Level 1

    I think people are misinformed on the actual problem.


    The songs play perfectly in iTunes.  However, when I enable Match on my iOS devices (ipad, iphone 4s) and then proceed to download them from the cloud those songs then cut off at sporadic times on the iOS devices.  The same exact songs play complete with no problem on any of my computers. 


    This is definitely a bug with Match and iOS....not a bug with Match and iTunes software.


    I called Apple support and they made me do a manual sync over the cable to my iOS devices and the songs played correctly.  The support guy said "It's fixed" I said, "You are an idiot."


    The primary attraction I had to Match was the ability to use my iOS device to download songs to them from the cloud....if this function does not work then Match has effectively deemed itself worthless.

  • needles Level 1 Level 1

    The problem exists on my main computer using iTunes, though effected songs play just fine on other computers and my iOS devices. That's the actual problem, for me anyway. Tempted to trash my whole library and start from scratch. Not fun.

  • xxChosen1xx Level 1 Level 1

    Even worse.....the problem is persisting across multiple platforms.


    Shame on you Apple for not addressing these issues...

  • e5c4p3artist Level 1 Level 1

    +1 for xxChosen1xx.  Songs play fine on the computer.  They only chop off when downloaded to my iPhone.  The actual files are fine, iTunes is fine, but something about when they download to the iPhone via Match is not fine.


    I have only identified one album that is doing this for me.  All songs on the album are affected, I have not found any of my other 22,000+ tracks affected, not that I've listened to them all to find out.  I have tried doing everything mentioned in this thread and more with the songs on that one album and nothing has worked so far.

  • tbangor Level 1 Level 1

    When I originally posted the issue was only happening on my iDevices. Today I verified it was happening on a computer I was using to stream from the cloud. The song cut off mid-play and it just skipped to the next one. I downloaded the song and played it, same issue. Those of us that are experiencing the issue just on your iDevices I would suggest playing one of the nonworking songs on a computer that does not contain your actual local library. The computer containing my library works fine with all of my songs that are not from/stored the cloud, basically the originals.


    Something I have not seen mentioned in this thread yet is the whole advertised way "Match" is supposed to work.


    "iTunes determines which songs in your collection are available in the iTunes Store. Any music with a match is automatically added to iCloud for you to listen to anytime, on any device. "


    Now if these songs are truly "matched" to the ones in the store are the songs messed up in the store? If that were the case we would all be seeing the same issue with the same songs.


    The second problem could be the process used to allocate the song to the person from the store. There are a number of ways it could be done. Two that come to mind would be an actual copy from point A (the store) to point B (your iCloud storage) when the song is matched. The move/copy process could corrupt the file in some sort of fashion. Duplicating files is not very efficient use of storage so I am leaning away from that theory... I don’t care how much cash you have in the bank that approach is not sustainable.  The upside to the way is that a recopy should fix it.


    The second way could be a pointer file. Once songs were matched a pointer file is placed in your cloud. When you want to stream or download the song the pointer file just gives directions to the source file. This would point to multiple people having the same issue with the same song...


    I have simplified both of these options tremendously as there could be a bunch of variable subsets of each way having problems... The pointer file could contain instructions on song length based on your local files so it actually is streaming a good file but giving your iplayer bad instructions...


    Wow I just realized I was rambling... props if you have read up to this point


    My point is that this can be fixed if someone would look into it.. I mean really look into it... not tell us to reimport our songs into itunes or manually sync. I have to say this is the first time I have regretted laying down cash for an apple product...


    On a final note it might be helpful if we could find a pattern in the songs we are having issues with.  So far no one has listed what the songs are... Here is one of mine:

    In My Place (3:49)


    A Rush of Blood to the Head

    Kind: Purchased AAC

    Size: 7.1 MB

    Bit Rate 256 kbps


    (No comments on the musical selection )




  • Scenario Level 1 Level 1

    Today, all of a sudden, iTunes Match playing over iCloud to my Apple TV is not completely playing tracks before skipping to the next track. I have confirmed that this is a random occurrence -- my source files are good. It did not happen earlier this week on the same albums. But today, it is skipping the end of certain songs, which is extremely annoying. I suspect this has something to do with the Photo Screen Saver running at the same time on my Apple TV. I turned it off and the skipping has so far stopped.

  • Scenario Level 1 Level 1

    Following up to my previous post, turns out it has nothing to do with Apple TV's Screen Saver. Good songs still continue to get truncated by iTunes Match.

    This is a MAJOR bug on Apple's part.

  • matthewfromconifer Level 1 Level 1

    Is there anyplace you can think of to ask advice on this? Salon used to have a Tech guru, or somewhere that it might get some publicity? More people might realize it's happend, and shame Apple into creating a fix.


    As for me, it seems to be an importing issue. I thought that when I moved to iMatch -- moved all my songs to the trash and downloaded the supposed new versions -- it would solve the problem, but it didn't. So that leaves a couple of questions -- does is the truncation tied into the song label on iTunes?


    I can't find any type of commonality with it. It doesn't seem to like Tom Petty or Liz Phair, and it custs off "We are thre champions" about 30 second early. but it also cut off "Take a Load off" on me yesterday. I'm not sure, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistentsy to it, but the truncation is on all the platforms (3 iPods, an iPad and the Mac they all sync to). The problem begane when I moved all my songs from a Windows PC to a Mac.


    I'd like to see it get a little more pub, becaus ethen Apple might realize they have a real problem.

  • Julianna Beddingfield Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here. I have been trying various things to correct it. I tried burning an album bought off itunes from PC to a cd and changing import settings with no luck. I reported a problem with this album and now it is off of my purchased list, so I can't even go back and download again. AHHHH!!!! I have turned off match since at this point it is causing more issues than helping. I seem to have problems with anything downloaded from my old  Iphone 4 and recently upgraded 4s and directly from iTunes. My kids download from their iPod touches and have had no issues. I have reported more problems with downloads to Apple today, stating that this is a real issue and crediting the download is not sufficient. The response in the past is that they are unaware of any issue. I was talking to my boyfriend and he said the same thing happened to him. I also tried to transfer songs to another media player with no luck because they are not compatible. This is ridiculous for a person who has virtually no computer knowledge. Apple needs to address this.

  • j1m404 Level 1 Level 1

    Not only is imatch disapointing, but Apple's responses to my problem are simply repeated canned messages. In its current status, imatch is usless. I can't listen to a song for just pure enjoyment anymore, I'm always thinking "is this one that's going to cut off".  I don't enjoy my music anymore! Apple has esentially ruined my listening experience on my iPhone, iPad (1st Gen) & iPad (3rd gen). I've been forced to listen to my music on my Nano because it's not a wireless device and is not tethered to iMatch.

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