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Why can't I update my apps

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Some more information might be helpful -

    Is your Internet connection OK?

    Can you download other apps?

    Do you have restrictions enabled? Settings>General>Restrictions> Did you disable installing apps?

    Are you logged into the correct account - that account with which the apps were originally purchased?

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    I have the same problem. I click on Update All, but it does not even ask me for my Apple Id password. Under the icons, the download status bar appears, but it does not progress. No restrictions are on. I tried to reset it by clicking the top and the home buttons. I went on General>Store and I signed in again, but nothing happens. It used to work no my iPad is stuck. What can I do?


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    And of course Internet works!

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    At this point I would try updating all of the apps in iTunes on your computer and then sync the apps to the iPad. It is possible that there is one download that is "clogging" the download pipeline to your iPad. If you finish the updates on your computer, you may be be able to free up that "clog".


    Did you look in iTunes as well on the iPad for a download that may not have completed?

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    Actually no, I didn't try it. However when I tried to update the single apps, I found it difficult to press on the "Update" button and when I succeeded to press it, I had a MSG saying "cannot update app at this time"...

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    I've been trying to update apps for a couple days with no luck! ... Having same problems w/ buttons "locking" and "cannot update MSG" ... Very disappointing after spending all this money and now a product that doesn't work correctly ... Went w/ iPad 2 due to good reviews and now definite second thoughts, only had for a week and already problems!

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    my problem is I have an old email address on my laptop and when I sync my iPhone that email address comes up in iTunes  and I don't know that password and I cant access that account I had to reset my phone the last time and that took ages, I sync'ed my iPad for the first time today and that has gone to that old email address now HELP!!!

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    I have both a ipad2 and an iphone4s, both are showing 24 apps that need updating but when I go to appstore to update I get the "cannot connect to itunes store" message.  This happens at home and at work using different wifi networks so I dont think it is the connection. Strangely it will allow me to download a new purchase but not update previous purchases so clearly it is connecting to itunes store.


    To add to the misery, the original desk top computer they were linked to at home is no more,  the hard drive died, so I bought a new computer, installed itunes with the same apple ID and now I appear to have lost everything - no music files can be found. Luckily the music is still on the devices.   I have several other annoying problems such as being unable to send email from the ipad - I get messages such as "rejected server doesnt allow relaying" .  This is all driving me crazy and it not good for productivity.


    I have tried logging in and out of itunes.  Uninstalling and reinstalling itunes on the new computer. I even tried setting up a new itunes acccount and now think I have buggered everything up because you are only allowed to have one account at a time associated with the device and you can only switch account once every 90 days - thanks for the warning on this little fact Apple. Do I really have to wait three months to sort out the problems?? I have tried Booting the ipad.  Nothing seems to work.