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After moving my MacBook Pro and home iMac to iCloud, my iPod touch 2 gen continued to pick up MobileMe email for some time, although Contact and Calendar syncing stopped immediately. However, after a couple of weeks, whenever I tried to check my email, I got an error saying the password was incorrect, which it clearly wasn't.


After reading various Apple support articles, and trying the suggested solutions without any luck, I reached the point of deleting the MobileMe account and then re-adding it.


However, on re-adding it, it has only added the Find My iPhone capability and not email.


The documentation on the Apple support site states that email will still be supported on iPod touch even though iCloud is not. How can I continue to receive my MobileMe email on the device?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), iPod touch 2G, iMac 27