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I installed ICloud control panel, etc., onto my 64-bit Windows 7 PC, and it ran OK for a while.  Then got the dreaded "blue screen of death" indicating there was a driver issue and my computer was stopped to avoid damage. 


I uninstalled ICloud and the problem went away.  Later, I installed ITunes, and decided I needed the ICloud panel, so I reinstalled it.  Same thing happened.


I'm doing this because I just got iPhone 4S thru AT&T, and want to interface it with my PC.


Any ideas, or is there already a known problem for PC's?



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, iCloud interface software on PC
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    May sound weird, but are you network drivers up to date?  BSOD is usually a driver issue that is conflicting with Windows.  Go into device manager and disable all non-essential devices, UPS, NICS, USB, scanner, sound, etc and then install the iCloud panel.  If you don't see any BSOD start to enable each device one at a time to pinpoint the culprit.  The control panel itself shouldn't be causing the BSOD. 


    Is there a filename in the top left of the BSOD that can help?  i.e. ndis.sys or something?

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    Did not have this problem at all before installing the iCloud software, and it vanished when I uninstalled the software.


    Thanks for the info, I will reinstall it and update my question as soon as the stop message happens again with the details.