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I just installed 10.6.8, and am disappointed that I no longer can minimize a file by double clicking the title bar. I can do so my clicking the gold circle at the top left, or by doing Command/H. But either way moves eight my right hand or my left hand away from the last place I was when I wanted to minimize the file. Suggestions?


I just found the answer: Apple menu > System Preferences > Appearance pane > "Click in the scroll bar to:" > check the box for "Double-click a window's title bar to minimize."

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Well your the first I've seen ask a question and answer it themselves in their first post.


    Now I had a nice answer all typed out and you beat me to it.

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    Thanks anyway!


    Now if you could only tell me how to get desktop icons to show their whole titles as they used to in 10.4.11. I've got lots of aliases that are very similar and it's virtually impossible for me to know now which are which except I know in what position they are on the desktop.


    The annoyance is on top of the weariness I'm feeling because my HD crash yesterday, necessitating a reformatting and reinstallation of programs, preferences and data. I'm a compulsive backer-upper, so I didn't lose much. But I'm dealing with that arduous task on top of learning a new OS and a new Firefox.


    But that's more infomation than you needed to know.

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    Now if you could only tell me how to get desktop icons to show their whole titles as they used to in 10.4.11.


    Click on a bare patch of desktop to make it active, then press Command-J to open View Options for the Desktop. Set "Sort by" to Snap to Grid. Then use the grid spacing slider to open up the spacing (slide to right). Once the icons have been spaced far enough apart, there's room for the full-length name (title) to be shown.


    Caution - if you have stuff near the left edge of the screen, move it to the right so it doesn't get pushed off of the screen as you widen the grid spacing.

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    Thank you very much, Don. I also made the icons smaller so more can fit on the desktop as needed. I appreciate your help.

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    Do you really need to click on a bare patch of the desktop to make it active?  I think just anywhere on the desktop.  View options is also available under the view menu.  But I came to this thread for the first post, and Don's further answer also helped.


    Is this the same Hill Country JJW's CD is about?


    Thanks Don.

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    Yes, you can click anywhere on the desktop. However, clicking on a bare spot prevents selecting an item (which in some cases, though no this one, can cause results other than what is wanted).


    Not familiar with JJW's CD. There is only one Hill Country in Texas, although it is a fairly large area.

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    Kind of off subject here, but Jerry Jeff Walker's CD, Hill Country Rain, is on iTunes.

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    Ah - okay.


    Haven't seen that, but then I don't use the iTunes store. Not sure why, except perhaps the luddite in me wants hard copies of things when possible.