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Okay, So I've tried hooking my 13" MPB to my 42" Samsung Plasma tv.

I got the sound to work well, although sometimes i have to close the program and reopen it for it to come out of the tv.

My real problem is the video, I got it to work a couple times but most of time it ****** me the **** off.

I've tried a lot of resolutions , mirrored and not, I'd rather have it mirrored, because i like to close my laptop and watch movies.

What happens most of the time, is the top menu bar is cut off and part of the bottom is cut off as well.

And when it does work, it's at a weird resolution so of course it's bigger but it's not showing a lot more, I.E. I can't do as much on the screen at once as i can on the laptop screen.



I hope that's enough information for you guys.


Sorry for the long *** rant.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)