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I have an iPhone 4S with 5.0.1


I can no longer enter GPS coordinates into the Maps app and have the pin dropped in the correct location. Instead it drops the pin on a road somewhat near the correct location, but only if it is near a road. It the location is off the road, it can be miles off.


I used to be able to enter "LOC:" and then enter the coordinates and it would place the pin in the correct place. When I do that now, I get a warning "No Results Found." Did apple change the Maps app so you can no longer enter Latitude and Longitude coordinates?


I remember that when I first got an iPhone it was a 3GS. You could enter the numbers directly and get the correct place on the map. Then they changed so you had to enter "LOC:" first then the coordinates. Has that ability be removed now?


Thanks for any input.

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    What format are you using to enter the co-ordinates?

    Post an example of the text you are entering and also the resulting pin location. Others can then check on their phones, or alternatively check the format is correct.


    Also, this might help:


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    Thanks for the reply.


    Here is an example of coordinates I entered.


    43.15753, -122.10194


    When I enter these in the Maps App, it drops the pin at 43.15936, -122.12476


    The attached screen shot is from Google Earth. The correct place I am looking for is 43.15753, -122.10194 which is about 1 mile east of 43.15936, -122.12476 which is where the Maps App placed the pin.


    I don't know how to send a screen shot from my iPhone, so I made this screen shot from Google Earth.


    For some reason the Maps App places the pin on a road that is nearest to the location, and not the actual location.


    I used to be able to fix this by entering the coordinates like this: LOC: 43.15753, -122.10194

    That would make the Maps App drop the pin in the correct location and not on a road.


    Screen shot Google Maps 2.jpg

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    I think you'll need to convert the co-ordinates first.

    I entered those cordinates into X-Motion GPS and it places the pin exactly where you want it to. East of the road

    The format I selected in X-Motion was simply Degress (and points of a degree)

    If you convert it to Degrees and Minutes it's 43D 9.4518', -122D 6.1163'


    I think Google is designed to give you closest "Place" to the co-ordinates you've entered, hence it drops the pin on a road.

    If you right-click on the point you're after and select "What's Here", Google will fill in the actual co-ordinates of that point for you.


    Having said all that, if I drop those co-ordinates straight into my PC Google Maps, it shows this (A "Place" and the actual location you've asked for):


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    My iPhone does this:


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    I also have Motion-X, and I get the correct placement of the marker with Motion-X, and all other Apps except the Maps App from Apple.


    I tried entering different forms or the coordinates in the Map App from Apple, and I get the pin in the road with all of them.


    It seems like Apple broke the ability to place the pin where is should be in their Maps App in one of the recent updates.


    Like I said, I used to be able to type "LOC:" in front of the coordinates, and it would drop the pin in the correct place. It doesn't seem to do that any longer.


    How did you get the picture from you iPhone to post here?

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    I found the answer.


    You need to type "loc: " (all small letters) in front of the coordinates and it will drop the pin in the correct place. I was starting mine with a capital L. You need to type loc: and then a space between the colon and the first number of the coordinates.



  • Frank Moore Level 1 (15 points)

    In my case, the coordinates should have been entered as follows:


    loc: 43.15753, -122.10194

  • Dave Hutch Level 4 (1,475 points)

    good find. Glad you solved it