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Site beachballs Safari in OSX and iOS, loads fine on all other browsers.

The page loads in safari if javascript is disabled, so it would seem to be something javascript related that is causing the issue.


Because it beachballs safari i can't even debug the issue in safari.

This site was working in Safari before, I beleive this issue started with the latest Safari update, but don't hold me to that.


I need help figuring out what the issue is so I can fix it for Safari users.

Since it bricks safari i can't even get far enough to determine what the issue is or set debug points or gleen any helpful information from Safari about why this may be happening.


I might be forced to hack out sections until i can eliminate/pinpoint the code, but being a magento site that is a very complex and daunting proposition.


Please help!!! Please, please, pretty please. :-)


Pointers? Tips? Ideas on how to track down the issue?


site is: http://bumblebeetoys.com/


(no flash or similar content in this page, this is a standard magento website.)


Many many many thanks to anyone who can help resolve this issue or has any helpful pointers about tracking it down.



Safari hangs/beachballs. Can't load