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I thought that I had added to have my ipad 2 engraved, but upon further review I didn't I have already received it and was wondering if I could take it some place and have it done

iPad 2
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    I don't recommend engraving since it can reduce the resale value on your iPad, should you ever wish to sell it, and most people use a case which will just cover over any engraving. But if you really want it engraved, look for an engraving service in your area and ask if they can do it. Note that having engraving done by anyone other than Apple may have a negative affect on the warranty.



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    Thanks...I never really thought about the case covering it up.  Thanks again!

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    I got My New iPad Engraved Directly Thru Apple where & when I Ordered it.

    I did Order it online & it was Sent "FREE" to my home; Rather than picking it up at the ONLY APPLE STORE in Rhode Island( which Literally is A MadHouse, with More Oglers, than BUYERS, & if U want to Buy, they ( or at least the "GENIUS" who took care of me could've cared less what HE DID or DID NOT SELL ME!) I had to keep on HIM to Literally get the ITEMS I NEEDED & WANTED

    I went there WANTING to BUY BOTH a LAPTOP & an iPad.( plus I needed a new wire for my iPhone 4, as it twisted so badly the wires were coming out of the CORD CASING( but he sold Me the Whole Charger, which I didn't need). He talked me OUT of buying BOTH the Laptop & the iPad. He said" you don't need both" I hadn't a clue and He was the GENIUS so I listened to him. He showed me a laptop, said it would fit my needs & proceeded to the checkout area. I stopped him as I saw a larger one a man was updating his iPhone on. I asked him which that one was? He told me " OH it's the Same exact one you're getting just a bit larger screen"( he was selling me the 13" MacBook Pro, and never mentioned it came in 3 sizes, the Moron! So I told him I wanted "That One". He wasn't too Happy about having to Swich them, but he did it. I told him I needed some very comfortable Headphones as the earbuds which come with the iPhone hurt my ears. What did he Suggest? He lazily waved to a wall & said " they're all there". No suggestions, no further comment. So I picked a$60.00 pair that honestly are not that great. Then I asked for a printer. He huffily got me a HP printer/ Scanner/ fax & copier in 1. $99.00. I thought that was a deal, until I realized much later( no I stupidly Didn't hook it up right away) so too late to return, it only had Black/ White printer colors, and if I wanted to use it I had to keep getting up plug in a wire to each and THEN PRint. No he didn't sell me a wireless Printer & I just wanted OUT of that Cramped Tiny Store! Luckily I found out later that he did me a Favour by telling me NOT to get the iPad since the 4 came out and it has the Cellular ( not sure on the 3?) but I also got $100.00 off thru my carrier who had a sale on ANY TABLET! So I got it shipped to me thru AT & T, & paid less! The SmartCase I got thru the Apple Store online & they offered FREE engraving( 2 lines) what a Mistake! You need perfect Vision to read it, it's so Tiny! No Font Choice, No Colour Choice & of Course No Font Sizing!! It's Literally this size!!( as the print on this!) why bother? I would have gladly paid for what I Wanted if I'd known! Now I want to return this one and get NO Engraving( and as U noted, find a Place to do it MY WAY!!) thanx for the note as it never dawned on me to do it that way( tho I never thought it would look so Badly either! Sorry for the long drawn out Saga, but I've complained to Apple Care on this also. I am still Appalled and its been 11 months!