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Hi, everyone I need help! This morning the batteries ran out in my wireless magic mouse so I put in new batteries... Then all of a sudden by computer began to freeze and the colorful pin wheel began to spin and it was unresponsive! As my mouse couldn't get connected to my Mac ...


Every time I start my Mac It won't load past the white screen :(


And so I turned off my iMac and restarted it, it turned on and I heard the chime, it looked ok although it froze at the apple logo for 4 mins and a loading bar came under it and then as it finished loading the apple logo disappeared and the whole screen just went bright white and it just freezes, I can't use it !



Although when I boot up my iMac in safe mode it starts after about 10 minutes ...  And everything appears ok  just laggy but I guess that's what safe modes like, well anyway I went into disk utility and I verified the disk and permissions and repaired the disk and all that... And still nothing works, i also tried resetting the PRAM and still nothing has fixed it


My Mac is backed up with time machine, although when I bought my iMac it only came with snow leopard and now it's running lion... Although my friend installed it onto my computer a week or two after lion came out . And it's been perfect until now...



Please help! I don't know what to do next!

Apple IMac 2010, Mac OS X (10.7), Apple iOS 4.3