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Hey people,


I didn't know how to get this across so I started a discussion (sorry).


Right, Apple has a big list of printers that are AirPrint enabled which allows you to print photos, emails and a few other things from your iPhone or iPadbut my Kodak wasn't one of them . I have a Kodak HERO 5.1 All in One Printer.


So, I thought how could I get round this?


1. Download Kodak Pic Flick and you can print your photos from there... Easy enough.


Now you need to connect your printer via Google Cloud...


Go to Kodak Home centre (On your desktop or applications folder) > Tools > and set up Google Cloud Print on the right hand side... Easy to set up...


2. To print emails from your phone download the 'Gmail' app and link other email accounts with your Gmail account if nessacery...


Go back to your Gmail app and press 'print' and you can print your emails from your mobile phone.



iPhone 4, iOS5 and iCloud