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Every time I plug my iPod into my laptop it says connected then immediately says ejecting. It opens iTunes when I plug it in but disconnects before iTunes recognizes it. I've tried turning on and off my laptop and my iPod. I have the most updated iTunes. I tried resetting my iPod by holding down the center and menu buttons numerous times. I've also tried using different USB's and nothing has worked. Please help me so I can sync my iPod!

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Have you played any music on your iTunes, if not try, maybe you got the wrong version of iTunes, for Windows 7. There are a number of posts to address that problem.


    If your iTunes runs normally, I can suggest that you disconnect from Internet, Stop your Antivirus program, then Restore/sync the Ipod.


    Advisable to disconnect from Internet when you stop your Antivirus program, while syncing iPod.

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    I have found the only solution that works for me is to plug in the iPod and leave it until fully charged, then re-boot it with MENU+CENTRE after which Windows recognises it and stays connected.


    I assume that the PC USB port can't supply enough power to charge the iPod battery and run its HDD at the same time - but that is just an assumption.


    Hope this works for you.


    Good luck!