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After i had upgrad to mac ox lion...it takes so much time for me to open a document with preview...sometimes it takes about 40sec...also my textedit...any way of fixing this?

  • p8blr Level 1 (10 points)

    I would also like a solution for this issue. Sometimes preview takes 15 seconds to open for me. My macbook pro is only a month old, so I think this is sort of ridiculous.


    One thing that may work is to uncheck "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps" in the General window of System Preferences. I'm not sure how this would cause a problem, since I typically close a window before quitting an app, but it's worth a try I suppose.

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    Quit Preview.

    Go to ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Preview.plist and delete this file.

    Then go to ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.Preview folder and delete that.

    Relaunch Preview.


    * Go to your Finder "Go" menu hold the option key to choose "Library"


    EDIT: The first launch may be slower because cache needs to rebuild but after that let us know...

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    It's a mild semi-fix, but it's still not right. I also deleted all the preview.lockfile plist and something preview list as well.


    Opening a pic from the desktop should be instant, instead the quickest is like 4 seconds on a new MBP.


    Preview seems to auto quit now in Lion which is a pointless gimick behaviour too.

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    Apple took stuff out and apparently put more in and now it's slow, unresponsive, unstable and it's missing things. I was used to having the ability to delete files from inside the application, save documents and new page numbers after dragging pages in, command-shift-S for "Save As..." instead of "Export..."

    And that "Duplicate" feature is needless.

    Who asked for these changes? We were fine.

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    You might find this interesting. I've got a 2011 13" MBP with an i5, I upgraded the memory to 8GB and to a solid state drive, also a fresh install of Lion. Still, Preview can take between 5-10 seconds to open a jpg or a pdf. That's ridiculous.

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    Preview used to be just the right combination of practical and simple... an all-around perfect viewing/conversion/editing/graphic file management utility.

    It's as if they said, "this has been going too well for too long. How can we screw this up? I know. Let's give this to Microsoft. They'll over-complicate it with things no one asked for!"

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    Oh wait...

    Don't let me forget that other useless file menu feature..."Save A Version."

    Instead of adding "Duplicate," "Export..." and "Save A Version," how about keeping "Save As..." and leaving the file menu alone? 


    There aren't even any Help items that explain these new features. If you go to Help and type in "Save A Version" it'll just take you to that menu item. If "Duplicate" or "Save A Version" actually do something, then it should be explained right there from within the help section of the program. You shouldn't have to go on an extra adventure on Google or YouTube to find out.


    Do I get an A-men?

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    Ahmen, garyjv. This new Preview is feeling kind of DOS.

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    Didn't work for me but even simpler solution did: close Preview by pressing together command-alt-q, then reopen.

    No idea why this would work but it did. Infuriating problem though.

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    Brilliant, thank you!

    finalllly, it was so embarassing opening up pictures in from of clients that take ages!

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    I had the same problem.

    It began when i installed 10.7.1 actualization.

    There is no official information from apple about this issue.

    It did not improve when i installed 10.7.2 - 10.7.4.

    It did not improve with the <<Go to System Preferences>General>“Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps” remove the check mark >> solution.



    Solution? i downgrade to 10.7 and it worked fantastic. Now preview and also text edit are as fast as it used to be in the beginning. It is definitely a 10.7.1 problem



    How to downgrade? i download Lion 10.7 DMG and made a bootable DVD. Then i reinstalled lion 10.7. I DID NOT NEED TO DELETE ANY OF MY PERSONAL FILES. It´s not necessary to make a clean install.



    Why this happens? It still a question without an answer from apple.



    I hope this helps you.

    Regards from Chile


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    I stopped using it... you can open stuff faster in a web browser, or by hitting spacebar.


    Shame, but seriously... I don't understand Apple's logic here, Preview is supposed to be just that... PREVIEW... it should be the fastest way to open something, yet it is probably one of the slowest, if not THE slowest. Especially as this is the default app for a lot of things, they are just embarassing themselves really...

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    Me too, I am very disappointed with the way OSX Lion has changed Preview with useless, uh wait, ANNOYING features.  Why on earth can't it do a simple "Save As.." anymore instead of the two-step "Duplicate" +" Save a Version" before you can re-name a file?  Sorry Apple, you've got this one wrong.  Even Microsoft XP does better....

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    Thanks! Problem for me solved whith the System Preferences>General>“Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps” remove the check mark >> solution.