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iTunes unable to find my iPad ..someone pls tech me how to fix it.. Thanks in advance

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    I am confused...


    The iPad will (if connected to the Internet)  open iTunes.  Please explain what you are trying to do (and how).



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    I hv connected iPad with usb cable but it didnt detect it.. I also on the wifi and can't sync it with "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync"


    My iPad software version is iOS 5.0.1 and iTunes is



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    Hello again:


    I have a lot of questions, but if I just take a guess it will not help you.


    When you connected the iPad via USB, what did you connect it to?


    Is iTunes "authorized" on your computer?



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    Are you trying to connect through a hub? If so, plug it into the computer itself. iOS5 doesn't like hubs that much anymore.


    Have you uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes? Sometimes the driver gets corrupted and a reinstall will fix that.


    Also try different USB ports. If you're plugging it into a PC, experiment with a different PC. Plug it in and see if windows 'see's it. (even without opening itunes, the windows 'photo import wizard' should pop up or you should see the iPad in window's exploreer) If that popup happens, then your cable is good and the USB port on your iPad is good, which narrows it down to an iTunes issue.


    If you can't see the ipad on another computer, your cable may be bad. Try a different cable. If you replicate the 'non seeing' with multiple computers and multiple cables then you may have a bad USB port on your iPad. If that's the case, return it because it should be covered under manufacturer's defects. However you should try all the troubleshooting first since the Apple rep or the store will have to replicate the issue in the store before they can consider exchanging.


    To enable wifi sync, you have to connect the iPad via the cable, then under the 'summary' tab in iTUnes, turn wifi syncing on. If you don't do that, then wifi sync won't work.

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    I have been having this problem since getting my iPad2.   When I shut down my computer I, of course, lose the VOLUME that is on the desktop.  It seems like there must be a way to keep the VOLUME on the

    desk top ??  In any case, I have downloaded iTunes so many times that this last time I did a complete

    REMOVE (Apple Mobile Device Service on Mac OS X)   Today I had to restart my computer because I updated Safari.... and LOST iTunes again...  When I say LOST....I mean it's still installed on my computer, but my iPad2 doesn't come up on iTunes so that I can sync....  This is getting annoying.

    Any further advice ????

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    Hi Barry,


    I connected my iPad with cable directly to the pc usb port. BTW I have no problem with my iPhone to sync with iTunes.


    May be it due to I didnt uninstall the old version of iTunes first and install the latest version..

    Tonite will try to uninstall iTunes from my pc and reinstall the latest version..


    Thanks to you guys for the suggestion and solutions..will update the outcome

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    Dear all,

    After uninstall & re-install the iTunes in my pc,

    now I can sync my iPad with iTunes. I'm the steps at

    this link:



    Tks for all your suggestions here..