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Please help


I have missing masters -


I had 25,000 referenced masters in a directory next to the aperture library and ran consolidate (thought it was successful) but now I see 1012 "Missing" Masters.  When I do "Locate Referenced Files" Aperture says I do not have any referenced files.  But if I go do a Finder search for files in the old referenced location they are all still out there - (and not in the Aperture Library Masters)   (They all have the "Arrow/Triangle/exclamation mark" badge)


So my question is - can I connect the "Missing" to the existing file?  Or do I have to delete all the "missing masters" and loose all the aperture metadata I have on them?


I have read all the treads I can find and have not seen the same issue - 


"Locate Referenced Files" is not an option.



and if I run relocate on the files I get this error:


"Unavailable master files cannot be relocated.

The selected master image is either offline or not found. Please reconnect it and try again."


Any advice or help from the community would be very appreciated - this is my first post - hope it was intelligible 

(living in a cave like you do)

John P.

Multiple, Mac OS X (10.7.2), iMac, MacBook Pro, PowerBook.
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