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We are trying to get AirPlay working between the Apple TV 2 and an iPad 2 on our College network. The aim is to allow teachers to walk around the classroom mirroring what's on the iPad screen to the projector (via Apple TV).


We have an enterprise network and our usual WiFi SSID uses radius authentication. Obviously Apple TV 2 doesn't support enterprise setups so we created a new SSID that requires WPA authentication. I managed to connect both Apple TV 2 and the iPad 2 to this network.


The problem we are having is that I can't get the AirPlay icon to appear on the iPad. I can ping Apple TV and iPad from a machine on our network and I can ping Apple TV directly from the iPad.


It seems as though our network maybe preventing something getting through but I don't know what.


Does anybody have any suggestions as to what might be causing the issue, or perhaps some advice on what else we can try?


I have connected the same Apple TV and iPad 2 devices over a vanilla router and AirPlay works fine so the hardware isn't the issue. Both devices have the lates firmware too.


Many thanks for your help.



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