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Lance Mcvickar Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

Every time I adjust the line spacing to anything other than 0 like say 14, when I relaunch FInal Cut X it resets the parameter to 0 and all the the text clips that I had adjusted the spacing are now showing up unrendered and reset to 0 after relaunching FCPX, they were rendered before I quit. If I then go to the unrendered text clip and reset the line spacing to 14 again,  the unredered clip gets replaced by the already previously rendered text clip that I had rendered before I quit the app and reattaches itself to the timeline. I read the new update 10.0.2 fixed a problem with the font reseting itself after relaunching to the default, but aparently they did not fix the line spacing issue doing the same thing. It's a huge pain seeing I am editing 200 instructional videos. I already filed a a report to apple feedback. Hope they fix this and soon. Would love to here if others are or are not having the same issue.