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Just purchased a Samsung Smart TV that is connected to the internet via a wireless connection. It is on the same network as my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iMac. I have been able to play music and view photos from my MacBook via EyeConnect. The interface is clunky and it does not allow for album art or resizing of photos. Is there an app for the iPad that would enable me to do this?  If there isn't one, would the Apple TV show the album art and full screen iPhoto photos?

If I could do this without spending the $100, I would prefer. I do not want to hook the iPad to the TV via HDMI and would prefer to keep everything wireless.



iMac Intel 20" 2GB, 250GB,(Mac OSX 10.4.11) MacBook (Max OSX 10.52), iPhone 3GS, iPad2 WiFi+3G - 64g.
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    My android can stream music, pictures and video from my computer to any number of wifi and bluetooth devices on my home network without anything special.

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    Samsung android work of course no S,,,. I can do all the same with the Apple TV since those are the same os.

    I'll do some research for you Carole.


    P.s Mia, enjoy that malware virus :) better download some protection!

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    There's a Samsung smart TV media player in the App Store that says connects to your smart tv. I'm sure there is one in the Mac store too.


    Search it: samsung TV media player hd


    It's free