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I have an AppleID that dates back from mac.com days, so it's say, myName@mac.com


I then transitioned through to MobilMe and so have a myName@me.com address. Now it's iCloud's turn.


When I go to set up my newly transitioned iCloud account, I enter myName@me.com as my AppleID - everything goes fine, except that my AppleID and from email address gets changed to myName@mac.com. I cannot send email at all from my iOS 5 devices using myName@me.com. It won't even present it as a choice in my 'from' field - although I can pick other aliases I have created.


I tried the instructions found at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4098?viewlocale=en_US which is meant to fix the issue and it does not work. Everything still falls back to mac.com


Does anyone else have this issue? I have replicated it with a genius at an Apple store, and it happens with his account too - but they could not help me.


This is most frustrating as I end up with multiple email addresses in conversations: me.com if I am responding from OS X, mac.com if from iOS.





iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, All my iOS devices exhibit this