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Please help!!

I had an Iphone 3gs until three weeks ago when I took my husbands Iphone 4 as he was upgrading.

I synced all my info accross and did send and receive some texts that day

Since this I have not been able to send and receive texts

When i try to send one i can write in the box and when i press send i am thrown out of the app and when i go back into it all the info has gone

I did go to the 02 shop and spent almost an afternoon there with a phone 'guru' and they could not find any problems

They tried turning on and off, trying my sim in another phone, checking the message centre numbers and talking to an online phone tech. They then decided that the problem was the phone.

I made an appointment with apple who exchanged the phone for a brand new handset

The same is happening

Imessages do send but again the info disappears from the message app and appears -1 in the top left hand blue bar.

I did sign up to Icloud and deleted it thinking it may be causing the prob. I lost all my contacts as a result.

I have backed up and restored my phone several times

I have the latest itunes version and ios5.0.1

Apple have been unable to help when i rang them again

There is a red circle with a 1 on on my settings but there is nothing to update. I have tried that pull down thing on my screen to view notifications but cant find anything!

Is there a prob with my itunes account as the phone and sim have been replaced??

Your help is really appreciated...getting frustrated!!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1