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I've noticed several contacts missing from my iPhone 4S - for instance, my daughter! They are still in Address Book on my computer. Doesn't matter whether I use iCloud or not. I've gone to the Info page with iPhone connected USB and WiFi, gone to Advanced and selected "replace information on this iPhone" and selected "contacts," but the missing ones do not appear. I don't know how many contacts this is happening to - its just when I go to call someone - like a once a year client, I discover they are not there. Any suggestions?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    This happened to me as well... I was missing 300+ contacts but not sure which ones until I went to call them or would receive phone calls/texts with no names attached.  The missing contacts were completely random.  However, it happened after I re-installed and set-up my work e-mail exchange...  To fix it, I went to settings, then to "mail, contacts, calendars" then to my e-mail account, then switched contacts from "off" to "on" and all 300+ missing contacts re-appeared.  Hope this helps...

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    Seems my problem was mixing iCloud and local sync'ing - iCloud to iPad and local sync'ing to iPhone since I had data issues with AT&T (surprise!). Once I made contacts iCloud to both and overwrote the iPhone the problems cleared up. Steered in this direction by AppleCare support person, though one of the orneriest support persons I have encountered. Either she hung up on me or we got disconnected and she never called back, but she pointed me in the iCloud vs Sync direction.