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Does anyone know how to delete photos from an iPhone 4s that was downloaded from my computer.

There isn't a trash can and I can't find the way to do this, can anyone help me??  Thanks for any help

at all.  I can delete the photos that I took with the iPhone camera, but I can't find the way to delete the

downloaded ones from my computer.  Thanks

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    You delete them the same way you put them there.  The sync process.


    Deselect the folder in itunes and sync.


    Remove the photo from the selected folder on your computer and sync.


    Delete the photos from your computer and sync.

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    Just purchased the iPhone 4S, upgrading from the iPhone 3G. When I did the original restore from iPhone backup the 4S got everything right -- except it also gave my new phone 2,500 photos. I cannot get rid of these images. I've tried the following;


    1. Deselect the "Sync photos from" button in iTunes and run a sync... nothing happens.

    2. Sync to a folder that's empty... nothing happens.

    3. Sync a new image to the phone, then resync to remove same image... all 2,500 images stay.


    I dread the thought of deleting 3 gigs of images one pic at a time...


    Anybody have a suggestion?

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    You can use the Image Capture application that is included in MacOS to select then delete all photos from the iPhone camera roll.

  • ChrisJ4203 Level 8 (47,694 points)

    Sounds like you have the photo stream turned on in iCloud.

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    I am having the same problem but do not understand these responses. Can someone be a little clear on how to remove downloaded pictures from iphone 4?



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    Photos that have been synced to the iPhone from the computer are done so via iTunes. The only way to remove those photos is to connect the iPhone to the computer and iTunes, then select the iPhone, go to the Photo tab, uncheck the mark by the folder(s) being synced and then perform a sync. That will remove the photos.