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My friend and I have not been able to connect via text even though both of our phones have iMessage on and SMS on. When her phone hasn't been able to send as an iMessage, I receive her message in green, as a text.  When I respond back to her, my phone goes into iMessage, sends my response in blue as an iMessage, yet never says it was delivered, it doesn't get converted to text, and she never receives it. In the meantime everyone else I have contacted via iMessage or txt at the same time is able to receive and respond to my messages. The only thing that has worked is if I turn off iMessage in settings, she can get my responses via text. While I think that her work building in NYC makes it difficult to receive iMessages, in the past the messages have just automatically sent to her as SMS instead (like it's supposed to). Why now suddenly would this change?? Quite frustrating.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1