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Peterlg Level 1 (0 points)

I understand that apsdaemon.exe is causing problems for lots of people because of the amount of system resources it takes up (around 95% in my case, meaning my pc won't do anything else) but can anyone tell me what it actually does, as I've had to shut it down, but am curious as to what it won't be doing if it's not running?

PC, Windows XP
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,150 points)

    Here's one explanation of it.

  • Peterlg Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Kurt, but I think I already knew that it was safe.  The point is that it's in my Startup Group so it runs whenever I boot up my pc, but it takes up so much of my system resources that I can't do anything else unless I shut it down.


    What I want to know is whether I can remove it from my Startup Group, or will this cause something important not to work, if that makes sense?  I don't really understand what "Apple push" is.

  • Paul Chown Level 1 (5 points)

    I have an issue with Itunes. It freezes and will not work after doing the icloud update recently.  Here is the temporary solution that i have found.


    After opening itunes go to task manager (through Ctrl+Alt+Del) and end the process called "APSDaemon.exe*32".  After doing that itunes will start working but if you close it then you will have to restart your computer and redo the process to get it to work again.


    If anyone finds a more permanent solution please post it.  Thanks,

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,150 points)

    Here's a little more info I found on it:


    APSDaemon.exe (otherwise known as Apple Push) is the service that wirelessly syncs your device. It may safely be stopped from running at startup, but you may not be able to wirelessly sync your device. It is recommended to leave the process with its current settings for the best customer experience.


    So from this, it sounds like it's a means to wirelessly sync your iPod, iPad or iTouch? The above description isn't really clear enough. From the page I linked to above:


    This file belongs to product iCloud and was developed by company Apple Inc.. This file has description APS Daemon. This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process apsdaemon.exe.


    So if you don't use iCloud, it sure sounds like it would be safe to remove from your Startup Group. Kind of depends on how accurate this information is, as it is not from Apple's site. Though this site also notes it's meant for iCloud, and was installed by the iOS5 update.

  • Peterlg Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks guys.


    It sounds like I can remove it from my Startup Group so long as I'm not using wireless synching or backing up.


    Paul you need to stop this file from loading when you boot up your pc.  You can do this within Windows, or there are various utilities that make it easier.  I have one called Startup Control Panel that sits in Control Panel, and it's just a matter of unticking a box.

  • foxrivertrekker Level 1 (0 points)

    I was able to get rid of the apsdaemon error, but now everytime i start my computer and when i start itunes it keeps asking me if i want to choose itunes as my default player when ive done it 10 times already and it keeps running an install for something i have no idea what. Its just itunes hasnt worked right from day one i got my ipod. Its six months old and i cant get any support from apple yet we all out here have to support our own products so these computer geeks from apple can look on the forum page and fix the errors and get payed? When are we going to get payed?? Instead of releasing versions every month, how bout test it for that month and fix it and then release it??

  • Peterlg Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple's total lack of support, particularly for it's customers in the UK is disgusting!


    With reference to my reply to Paul above, clearly it's not as easy as this, as apsdaemon.exe was still running today, despite my having removed it from the startup group as described above.

  • CrispinDS Level 1 (0 points)

    What you can try is this:


    (Win7)Open the start menu and type "msconfig" then click on it. (On XP open up Command Prompt and type "msconfig" then hit enter)

    You have 5 tabs, click on startup and then scroll down to "Apple Push".  That is the APSdaemon.exe, if you uncheck it and hit apply it should actually stop it from starting up.


    I personally have a fairly powerful computer so APS usually only uses ~25% at it's peak (quad core @ 3.8ghz 8gb ddr3)


    What's weird is it is constantly at 25% CPU. So if I'm doing any processor intensive work I just end the task.


    Someone try this and let me know if it helps!


  • Peterlg Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Crispin but that doesn't help in XP as Apple push wasn't there to uncheck?

  • Enzuigiri Level 1 (0 points)

    If you dont have the msconfig entry you can always delete it from the registry


    Type 'regedit' to go to the registry editor.


    I believe the key you would need to delete is


    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\APSDae mon


    obviously the usual disclaimer about being careful when deleting from registry, irreversable etc applies and you should back up the key first in case you need to put it back.

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,150 points)

    I looked on my Win 7 Boot Camp install just to see if I had the same thing. And I do. I've never installed iTunes or anything that would relate to iOS5 in Windows, so it had to have come from one of the Boot Camp updates. Most likely the recently released 3.3. As CrispinDS noted, it's for Apple Push. Probably how the Apple Software Update manages to pop up all on its own in Windows?

  • Peterlg Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't know what Win 7 Boot Camp is, as I'm still running XP, and I'm wary of editing my registry.  Also I'm not sure if it will help as I don't think it's loading when I stat uo Windows, I think it's now loading if I open iTunes.  Maybe I need to change something in there?


    I'm not sure if it's anything to do with the Apple Update Kurt, as that's always popped up, but I've only had this problem since the last iTunes upgrade?

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,150 points)
    I don't know what Win 7 Boot Camp is

    I just mean Windows 7 installed on a Boot Camp partition.


    I don't recall Apple Software Update ever popping up on its own before, but then, I rarely boot into Windows. It's only there for the very few things that have to be done from Windows.


    Running msconfig is the best way to disable the apsdaemon.exe program since all you have to do is uncheck it and restart. If for some reason you discover you need it back on, you just run msconfig again and re-enable it. There should be no need to mess around with the registry.

  • b noir Level 9 (72,050 points)
    I looked on my Win 7 Boot Camp install just to see if I had the same thing. And I do. I've never installed iTunes or anything that would relate to iOS5 in Windows, so it had to have come from one of the Boot Camp updates.


    ... you're referring to apsdaemon.exe, Kurt?


    It's part of Apple Application Support (which is where single copies of program files used by multiple different Apple programs are kept). So if you installed a recent version of Safari for Windows in your Windows boot, it would have shown up via the AAS install needed for the Safari install.

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