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Making a photo book in iPhoto 11, after placing photos automatically into template, the Preview step always fails at the same point, regardless of the photos chosen--i.e. at about "page 3" with a "kern error" noted in the error dump message.  Apple Tech support says it may be due to photo edits, but this does not seem plausible since I have tried with 3 different batches of photos and always get the error at exactly the same point.  Anybody know what is going on with this, since it means the book application is useless in iPhoto 11, as installed on my Macbook Pro.  Already confirmed that my software is completely up to date.

MacBook Pro, iOS 4.3.3, Iphoto
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    create a new library and import the photos ot it and see how it works



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    Boot into  Safe Mode and see if you can preview the book in pdf form there.  If you can (many have reported that Safe Mode lets them preview and order successfully) you can then order from the safe mode.



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    On my third call today to Apple Tech Support, I fortunately talked to Chris in Application Support (Sacramento), who immediately recalled the solution suggested above: boot in safe mode and make first a pdf from the "print" option within iphoto book application, then try again after reviewing the pdf for accuracy, to place the order normally from within the book application.  He said that this has been a recurring problem for first-time book creators in iPhoto 11, and that Apple technicians have been trying to solve this for some months now.  He also suggested that if this fix is followed carefully for the first book publishing request, it does not need to be repeated to get subsequent books printed by Apple from within iPhoto.  Finally, when successful, close down completely and reboot to get out of safe mode, which is not intended for every day use.