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I am familiar with Appleworks and Clarisworks spreadsheets, where one can select a part of a spreadsheet by setting printrange, and only printing the selected part, which I find useful.  But how do I do that or similar in Numbers?  It seems that if my spreadsheet in Numbers is divided into sheets, I have to print at least a complete sheet and it is not possible to print just part of a spreadsheet.  Or is it possible? Help and advice please!


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    Several ways:


    Go View > Show Print view, so that you can see what will appear on each page.


    • Set Content scaling using the slider at the bottom of the window so that the area you want to print fills the page.
    • Select, then Copy the group of cells you want to print, open Preview, then press command-N or go File > New from clipboard. Print.
    • Select, then Copy the group of cells you want to print, Add a new Sheet to your document. Delete the default Table that comes with the new sheet. Paste. Your selection will appear on the sheet as a new table. Position and sizeas you wish. Print the sheet.
    • If you are going to print the same set of cells on several occasions, create a table to copy the content of that set. Move the Table to a separate Sheet, where it will continually update. To print, switch to the sheet containing the table. Print.




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    Barry gave you a very nice review of your options. A couple of comments.


    I think the sweet spot for maximum benefit vs. effort is Barry's third option - adding a dedicated Sheet for printing a pasted range of cells. This way you have complete and easy control over size and placement of the cells on the printed page, and you can add titles, comments and formatting. I would only add that if there are equations in the copied range that reference cells outside of the selection, it's best to Edit > Paste Values, rather than to do a straight Paste.


    If you were a former Excel user complaining about the lack of "Define Print Range" feature, I'd recommend the second option, even though I'd seldom use it myself.





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    Thank you both Barry and Jerry. Your replies give workable solutions which are fine.  Thank you with speed of reply too... I am impressed!


    However, I don't think any of the suggested methods are as elegant a way of doing things as selecting printrange in Appleworks. Who knows.... Apple may add that feature to Numbers in due course? Here's hoping!


    Peter (in New Zealand).

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    I missed Select Print Range myself when I first made the conversion to Numbers from Excel. I submitted Feedback to Apple. I thought it was a big deal then. Now that I'm comfortable with Numbers I no longer feel that way. I can Select a range, Command-C, Command-Tab to Preview, Command-N, Command-P faster than I ever could setup and print a range in Excel, so I don't miss it at all. Let us know how you feel in six months .



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    Thank you all for your work arounds but I agree all are inelegant (to the say the least). Imoften need to print a portion of a single page and would like a simple way to do so as in other spread sheets.


    Doug (eager to use only 1 spreadsheet program, preferably from Apple)