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Purchased MBA last week and upgraded to 10.7.2 and latest EFI.

U2711 stays blank when I connect via mini-DP-to-DP cable (from DeLOCK), no freeze though. U2711 wakes up briefly when I click "discover monitors", but goes back to stand-by immediately. Lower resolutions work, though. The Dell's DP is working connected to PC.


I know people have posted about this before, but there doesn't seem to be a clear answer. I phoned Apple Care and Dell but they could not offer a solution.


I don't want to use the Apple mini-DP-to-Dual-Link-DVI cable as it is bulky and needs a precious USB port to function, not mentioning it costs 99 Euro. This should work with DP as advertised.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), latest EFI (as of Dec 1st 2001)
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    Hi chcken,


    this question is old, but for the sake of search engines and question - answering I want to tell the world my solution:


    Buy a MiniDP - DP cable.


    There are some cheap cables at amazon (~15 Euro), which are said to have low quality, but my cable has been working for 3 months now.