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Why do the emails in iOS 5 Mail not match my emails in Gmail online (or the App)?


I have just notice that a whole load of emails (gmail) in iOS 5 Mail are missing - in fact everything after 3 October 2011 and for all of Novemeber 2011, but December 2011 is OK.  All of the mails were there the other day...


If I look on GMail's website, then all of the emails are still there.  Indeed I have just downloaded the Gmail App (to check) and all of the emails are there too.  It just seems to be a problem between iOS Mail and Gmail.  I would prefer to carry on using iOS Mail as it combines my multiple accounts into the joint inbox.


Just to confirm - I am using iOS 5.0.1 (iPhone 4) and have got GMail configured to use IMAP.  To test, I have deleted my GMail account from Mail, Calendars etc on my iPhone and set it up again (using the Gmail guided option).  Additionally, the phone is sending and receiving mail to GMail without a problem now - its just the missing mails from October/November


Any ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    OK I've managed to fix this myself - so I thought I'd share my solution, in case anyone has a similar problem...


    Create a new (temporary) gmail label


    Working from within GMail's web access - select all of the missing emails TOGETHER WITH the more recent emails (I'll explain why in a minute).


    Assign these emails to a newly created label


    Archive those emails (Which will make them disappear from GMail's Inbox folder - as that's all that Archive does)


    Go to the Label View/Folder for AAA and select all of those emails


    Then "Move To... Inbox"


    The emails will now show both the "Inbox" and "AAA" labels


    With all of those emails still selected... Under "Labels" untick the "AAA" label and click apply


    Check in GMail inbox and your mails will be there.  Check too on your iOS device and the mails will have reappeared too.


    Now back to the question why you have to select the more recent mails which you could already see on your iOS device....  It would appears that iOS Mail sorts the mails on the DATE UPDATED and not the DATE RECEIVED, so if you hadn't select those additional mails, then they would have appeared to have disappeared (in fact just shunted to "Older Mails" even though they had been received more recently)

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    Perfect solution for those with iOS Mail sorting GMail Inbox by Date Updated (date modified). Don't know why apple doesn't fix this.