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Has anyone managed to find an extrension for safari 5 that will block annoying, moving, flashing images on web pages. I have PithHelmet, GlimmerBlocker, AdBlock, Click to Flash, etc. installed and still get animations such as the Amazon widget on macenstein.com that won't go away. This item is easily blocked in FireFox, without having to install a half dozen different extensions, which still fail to do the job in Safari.

I have been using FireFox mostly for the last couple of years because Safari, IMHO, is just not ready for prime time. As a user of many Apple products I like to give Safari a fair shake now and again, especially now that iCloud is supposed to synch my phone and computer's bookmarks, but alas, Safari is unusable to me as long as it won't stop those annoying images.

I've read a lot of forums on this subject and searched out add-ons and extensions for years but still can't find how to make Safari a comfortable user experience in this respect. Anyone out there know of anything that really works?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)