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I have seen that there are many issues it seems with Lion and screen artifacts.  I went through the threads and could not find this problem described.  When I boot up there are many times where there are artifacts at the login screen or prior to the login screen even showing.  Ran AHT test and it came back negative, but in the past these issues usually mean a hardware issue.  A screen shot of the log in is below.  Computer is all up to date on the software side of things, stock parts straight from Apple, no memory or hard drive changes.  Nothing to play with the OS at all to change appearence of anything. 






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    is this only during boot or at the login window or does it happen post login as well?  if it happens post login, take a screenshot and see if the artifacts appear in preview or it the image looks normal.  if its only happening during boot and the aht gives you a clean bill of health might be worth a shot to reinstall loin



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    This only happens during boot and login window, have not seen any artifacts post log in.


    ( The only other thing that is a little weird about the machine is battery life seems short going to run some tests on that to see what happens, but even with energy saver settings, airport off and so on seems to be more in the range of my other non-Unibody laptops of 2-1/2 hours. maybe 3.  Though I did not expect the full 7, thought it would be more, though I would assume unrelated.)