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Hi there, i am an iphoneographer from OZ, I have switched from iphone 4 which was upgraded to IOS5 to the 4s with the IOS 5 about a month ago. Since owning the 4s i have had nothing but noisey pictures in low lighting conditions, including cloudy days night time occasions indoors ect, even when using flash.

I have used different apps, including the standard apple cam, king camera, Pro cam, Focus Plus, and the quality is all the same with the noise, but yet when i take the same pictures with the iphone 4 (which my other half has now) in the same lighting they are fantastic quality. I'm not clear here what the issue is as being an iphoneographer/Photgrapher i though i knew a fair bit about the iphone but this has really stumped me and left me no choice to send out a call for help and ask if other people out there are in the same boat, and have any advice on what possibilities could help fix this, as i miss the quailty on my iphone and dont want to have to swap back to it. Cheers LJ