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I have read tons of posts on this. I have a brand spanking new macbook pro. I migrated all my data from a time capsule backup. Admittedly, Photostream wasn't working on my old macbook (white macbook) but it was running so slow, that even troubleshooting the issue was difficult. I have reset icloud, done the whole, rebuilding of the library... nothing works. I have all the latest updates and ios 5 on my iphone 4. I am running a 13: i5 dual core MBpro late 2011. Please help!! Photostream worked in the original iphoto 11 upgrade with lion... the last update ( I think 9.2 and subsequently, 9.2.1....) has not worked... I was even given a hack to go into the package contents and change a photostream.db file but was still unable to fix.... please any help would be appreciated...

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    No one???

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    Having the same problems and still haven't found a good answer.  For now I'm just old school synching all devices to my laptop via usb.  I'll keep plugging away. 

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    Thanks Lani.... nothing but problems since Icloud... and LION!!! Snow Leopard, no issues - I'm also having "heap zone" errors in imoivie.


    Try this - I am going to try tonight. When I log in as a guest... photostream works - with my apple id and everything which leads me to believe it's a corrupt library file. A corrupt iphoto library would only corrupt those photos - not functionality of the icloud service, so I don't think my iphoto library is the problem. I was with a "Genius" for 2 hours and they couldn't figure it out and then tried to blame me and said the problem was with my data which is crap.... I bought a huge lion book and have dons tons of research and here's the only logical conclusion I can draw - I'll post if it works but here's the idea:



    Backup all your data. I have a time capsule, so if you have one, that's going to make this a lot easier.



    I am going to make a flash drive of Lion (if you don't know how to do this, there's an app that helps you do it and lots of explanations you can find on how to do this. Don't do the install from recovery partition. Literally obliterate the whole thing... I tried the install from recovery and wasnt a fit for our problem.



    I am going to do a clean install, and drag and drop all my apps, docs, music, movies, pics etc... manually - I will not restore the time machine backup. I am going to check the iphoto library package contents to make sure there are no files that relate to my home folder (which is the problem apparently...) and I am going to rename my home folder and put everything in fresh. I believe this will work.... but then there';s the UBD process from Lion which is for "mobile apps" and icloud that keeps LOGGING my keychain and taking tons of CPU usage - like 100% all the time. I have to delete the login.keychain and it goes away for a while if I turn icloud completely off... this all annoys me becayse I have a brand new iphone, brand new Time Capsule, macbook pro and apple tv --- there is NO reason I should be having all these issues. I love Mac... but only when it "works..." and it hasn't been working in a long time....


    Does anyone have thoughts on this idea??