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I bought a movie on iTunes and wanted to transfer it to my iPad, but I get an error message that I'm not authorized to do it on my computer.

I use the same Apple ID on both computer and iPad, and the computer is authorized against my iTunes account. I have done this operation before without any problems. Does anyone know why this happens?


Screen Shot 2011-12-03 at 22.24.04.png

MacBook Pro 13, Mac OS X (10.7), iPad2 3G 64 GB, iPhone 4 32 GB
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    I've seen the same problem myself. What I did to fix it was deauthorise my computer from within iTunes, close iTunes, remove the "SC Info" folder under "/Users/Shared", open iTunes, then authorise my computer. This resets all the information and allows you then to sync the movie. Note if you have more than one account you'll also need to authorise the others as well.  This knowledge base article has information on removing the folder should you require assistance in this area (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1389). Hope that helps.

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    Thank you! That did the trick!

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    No worries, glad it worked, it was frustrating me for a while before I got a spare few minutes to diagnose the issue when I had it, have fun!

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    That worked for me as well.  Thanks for figuring it out.

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    I have carefully followed your instructions here, and removed the SC Info folder which I found not under "Users" but under C:\ProgramData\Apple Computer\iTunes\SC Info. I am using iTunes version When I re-authorized my computer, and tried to download the movie again, it came up with the same error window, so this solution is not working for me. Please help with another solution (other than wiping my PC.). Thank you.