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Sorry this is not an iPhoto question, but a photo question and I did not find a better forum.

The following situation: Far back I have copied into my machine someone elses photos (23 GB). Now I am moving them out to my 2TB LaCie HD. The photos are organized by year and by event. For most of the files I get the anoying message that copying is not possible as I do not have the proper authorituy. If I copy folder by folder I succeed by authenticating as I go, but there should be an easier way.

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    You can try the following:


    Reset the ownership and permissions on the folders containing the photos as follows:


    1 - download and launch BatChmod

    2 - drag the folder containing the photos into the BatChmod window. 

    3 - set the ownership and privileges settings to that shown in this screenshot:


    Click to view full size


    4 -try dragging the folders to your external HD again.


    Note: if the Group that your files belong to are different from staff then you can use it.


    Also make sure that the ownership of the external HD has been set to be ignored.




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    Brilliant Old T,

    I was not aware of the app.