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I had my account accessed on Friday morning where about $250 of my money was stolen from my account.  After the most atrocious experience with Apple over 5 hours on the phone and another 90 minutes yesterday I have started getting the matter resolved.  I also filed a police report for this to be investigated. 


My question is, does Apple have any means of being contacting at itunes over fraud in the future aside from email.  I find it frustrating for a company with millions of dollars going through it not to have phone support.  Especially for fraud. 


Instead I got some idiot female rep in iTunes acct fraut after 3 hours on the phone who said Apple was doing me a favor in crediting my account and this was my fault it happened.  Excuse me?!? 


I certainly will never buy itunes gift cards again and likely not to buy much if any apple product in the future.  Apple's policy is as though they can do nothing wrong. 




Just let this be a warning.  DON'T BUY ITUNES GIFT CARDS IF YOU CAN AVOID IT.  It's much eaiser to dispute this with your bank than this mess of a company. 

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    Yeah, unforunately unless you have an Apple product still under original warranty, no phone calls for you.  I agree it's kinda lame.


    As for the account fraud, I've not had the issue yet (knock on wood) but I have a prepaid card that I use for iTunes, and in fact now I think that will continue in the future with all these problems.  As for iTunes cards, I sometimes do buy them because my local grocery store gives double fuel rewards points for gift card purchases, but I usually buy just enough to pay off any accidental overage on my account and any other stuff I want.

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    Well I have many in warranty products.  The issue is it's impossible to get ahold of competent reps.  And iTunes has horrible support.  They wonder why I buy CDs and my digital copy of the movies on Blu Ray instead.  Either way, I certainly am more likely go advertise apple support accordingly.  You lose faith in a company during an experience like this. 

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    True, although unfortunately it's not just Apple.  A lot of companies have crap tech support.  They teach them the basics to get you off the phone so they can get on to the next customer.  It's like when my PC (won't say the company) had a problem I called and it was out of warranty, but thing is the problem was IMO a manufacter's defect, that being the recovery CDs they sent me were corrupted (which were sent in the first place back when i first got the computer two years eariler, as when I was trying to create my own, I found out the recovery partition was corrupt.  Took 3 hours to get them to agree to send me the frickin' CDs).  After hours on the phone insisting this was NOT something I should have to pay $49.95 an hour to get resolved, I finally gave up.  Then, my roommate who has worked in customer service for years called and posed as me.  Within 5 minutes he had found out that there was in fact a factory recall on my computer that superseded the warranty and he had them ship me a special prestamped box to send it to them in, all repairs, free of charge.


    (On a side note, they screwed up my CD drive, and when I immediately called in to explain that, they wanted to charge me $49.95 to talk to hardware support, and with no proof that they actually broke it, there was really nothing I could do at that point. Needless to say, my current computer is not made by that company)


    Now, did he get lucky and get a competent rep, or did he know how to talk to them from his experience on that side of the phone? No idea, but either way... Plus, he's told me stories of the companies he's worked for an their policies that would make you cringe, and in fact once he got fired for helping a customer due to his own knowledge and not specific company policy on what they can and can't say.

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    True.  My point is Apple charges a premium.  They used to have premium service.  Now, they are just like MS IMHO. 

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    Not just like MS, they are just like every company.  I agree with you it *****, but I see it with more than just Apple and MS.

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    You're right.  These were just the two largest IT companies in business.  But like other companies like this, I'll just speak monetarily and by word of mouth. 

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    This is more of an account support issue than tech support, I've never had any trouble getting tech support through Apple, though I've rarely needed it. But it's crazy not to be able to get ahold of someone at the company when you suspect theft and fraud with your account, and I think Apple has had a major security breach.

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    this just happened to me as well and I've disputed it with paypal but I'm not able to use the report a problem link in the itunes store...it just keeps sending me to the support website and doesn't actually pull up anything to report the fraudulent charges. Is this something I'm doing wrong or is this just the stupid websites way of brushing you off?

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    I'm dealing with this too today.  Now that I have my acct back, iTunes is saying my AppleId has been disabled.  I have no idea how to fix this.  Grrr!  It's been a long and very stressful day!

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    It's not so much the website's way of brushing you off as it's way of saying "Sorry, that link is invalid, here is the main support page where you can do a search"


    I had an issue with a double charge, my credit card company gave me the # they have to contact Apple, and I guess Apple won't even talk to them though, cause it told me to go to a web URL... that URL then kicked me to the main site, as your problem URL is.  Seriously... if my credit card company cant' even get ahold of a company to resolve a dispute, something is wonky.

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    Call iTunes account security and they will unlock it and refund their money.  Also, they will tell you that your account security is your own responsability.  Hence they are doing you a favor.


    So don't expect much from their poor iTunes support.  I will increase my account security by ensuring my business is done elsewhere.  Apple obviously doens't take this matter seriously and I'm surprised matters haven't "escalated" from other inflamed individuals over the frequency of such matters.