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MacBookPro 2010.


I purchased Lion from Appstore and installed it, no problems.

Then I decided to make a fresh install on the MBP so I used Command-R to wipe the drive and reinstall Lion. No problems.

Then I realized I forgot to backup my iPhone and I finally decided to enter Time Machine, reinstall a backup, and restore the iPhone.

Worked like a charm. Now I got yesterdays backup from Time Machine installed, the iPhone is back fully loaded with apps.


Time to do the wipe and reinstall Lion again, and then install every software from start again.


Now Command-R does not work! I tried numerous time pressing CMD-R but it just takes me to the login screen.


What to do?


In disk utilities there is no longer a recovery HD. And nothing happens when I option-click on "installed" in Appstore.

The recover HD seems to be gone.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)